Cathy Freeman Aborigine Spirit Saves Werewolf of Oz

While Angry Anderson is the main working-class protagonist in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, as he has often sung for the working man, Cathy Freeman also grew up in a similar situation.

Cathy Freeman’s Spirit Saves Day

Rabbit-Proof Fence (film)
Rabbit-Proof Fence (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cathy Freeman is more known for her inspirational work for aboriginal rights, being of mixed-race parents with her mother part aboriginal.

Some Australian aborigines live in very poor conditions, and their plight was told in the haunting Rabbit-Proof Fence movie recently shown on the BBC. I would have just felt sorry for the Australian aborigines twenty years ago, but now relate it to the plight of the British working-class; or underclass as some people define the poorest and most vulnerable.

While the aborigine situation can be framed as a race issue, it can also be framed as an indigenous issue; what can happen to a native culture that allows itself to lose control of its nation’s hegemony. Not that the Australian aborigines had a political system when European colonists arrived.

The episode itself is not as dull and depressing as the paragraphs above, as working-class life isn’t; it’s full of spirit, comedy and wordplay.

Cathy Come Home, a 1966 television play which ...
Cathy Come Home, a 1966 television play which sensitized Britons to the issue of homelessness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter 98.  Hat-Trick to Hole in Smiggin Holes

I could see no way of regaining my hat, and mentioned this to Cathy. She said that’s not the spirit, before seeming to enter into a deep trance.

Snake Scares Smiggin Senseless

I couldn’t believe my eyes a minute later, but luckily Smiggin did. The hat suddenly seemed to turn into a snake, and Smiggin quickly threw it into the air.

It flew a few feet, opening up into a full ten-foot length, before coiling back and once again becoming the emerald cork hat I’d grown to know and love. I dived to regain it, catching it one-handed two-feet off the three-dimensional floor.

Smiggin Creates Another Hole 

English: Open-pit diamond mine (known as the B...
English: Open-pit diamond mine (known as the Big Hole or Kimberley Mine) in Kimberley, South Africa. Français : The Big Hole («le grand trou»), l’ancienne mine de diamants à ciel ouvert de Kimberley, en Afrique du Sud. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was looking forward to a soft landing in a mush of muddy earth and crisp leaves, when the ground opened up below me. I heard a cackle from Smiggin, and guessed it’d used its potent powers to open up another hole below where I was about to land.

The holiculturist had done itself proud with this one; it was more mineshaft than grave. I faced falling into a hole from which I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to emerge.

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