Literary Nonsense Poetry Comedy Oz Werewolf Story

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s already Thursday, and there’s been no Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, so we have for you today, a nice fun wordplay literary nonsense comedy satire episode to prepare you for the now not long to go weekend.

Map of New South Wales/Australia, LGA of Eurob...
Map of New South Wales/Australia, LGA of Eurobodalla Shire highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the east coast was sighted last episode, this episode sees the travel quest quartet actually reach the landmark geographical location on their Google maps marathon maudle after some Euro eulogy illogical potato parody.

Chapter 104.  Potatoes and Cheese Make Travelling a Breeze

I slept well, and everybody else said they did too. There seemed a new energy in the camp, and we had a good start to our day’s ramble; reaching Eurobodalla by mid-morning, and Bodalla around midday. They were quite similar towns, but Eurobodalla reminded me more of Europe for some reason.

The Big Cheese
The Big Cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were going to stop in Bodalla for lunch, but then read about the South Coast Cheese just outside town, so went there instead. We picked up some right cheesy bargains at the factory shop; and I don’t mean of the inauthentic kind.

We couldn’t wait to reach Potato Point after that, and had no trouble finding it. We just followed the pointing potatoes.

Reaching the East Coast at Potato Point

The Tasman Sea expanded with each step as we approached the east coast, and washed over us like a giant wet towel after we all jumped in upon arrival.

Potato, cheese and Speck
Potato, cheese and Speck (Photo credit: nebulux76)

I had finally reached the east coast of Oz after arriving near the west coast over a year ago. I thought of Bonzo, and how he would no doubt have loved the refreshing relief of the neverending waves.

But he was in a happy place. Upon emerging from the sea, and drying off, we set about cooking our dinner.

After an hour or three,
we had a tea fit for King Eddie,
and Queen Eloise,
of potatoes and cheese.



King Edward is a type of potato.


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