Stella McCartney London Fashion Show Spectacular

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, fashionista suprema at the Greenygrey, loved up with Stella McCartney’s new fashion range. Also still in love with Kate Moss, who looked ab fab in London with her nice man Jamie Hince.

Cover of "Gremlins"
Cover of Gremlins

First of all, apologies to you if you tried to read the Greenygrey yesterday morning and the website was down. We hoped that it was because lots of fashionistas had logged in to check out the new greenygrey fashion developments from the London Fashion Show, but it was just one of those Gremlins.

Stella McCartney Greenygrey Fashion Show Spectacular

Secondly, apologies to Stella McCartney. You know, I love Stella really (but her mother Linda’s veggie sausages more!) and our rivalry is just a greenygrey media creation.

I think Paco Wolfsang must have got carried away with it, because my apprentice fashionista totally missed Stella McCartney’s greenygrey spectacular at London Fashion Week in his LFW report.

Thankfully, more experienced fashionistas at the Metro newspaper spotted the greenygreying spectacular, and through the wonders of modern technology, I have now imported them into the Greenygrey world for your delecation:

The Board of Greenygrey Fashion Quality Control has controversially passed Stella McCartney’s outfit as greenygrey:

There was nothing controversial about Stella McCartney’s synchonised greenygreying display:

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