Bottlenose Dolphin Sea Journey follows Bingie Trilogy

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. With all the bad news in the human world this week it seems like an ideal time to escape with the satirical comedy travel quest classic epic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. Especially as this episode sees the WoOs set off up the east coast on a  literary nonsense poetry bottlenose dolphin bonanza.

Trilogy Tower
Trilogy Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, first of all there’s even more bee wordplay. Maybe Werewolf of Oz analysts will one day argue over whether the Bingie Bee Bungee was really a trilogy, or whether this episode made it a quartet. Maybe you will too?

Chapter 108.  Bye-Bye Bingie, we’re off on a Bottlenose Fantasy

I slept well, and the others all seemed ready to leave when I first looked up. They were chatting jollily, and there seemed to be another new spirit amongst them.

Buzzing Off from the Bees of Bingie

The bees provided a beeautiful brekkie of honey beescuits. I felt a new surge of energy flow through my body afterwards.

After brekkying
on beescuits
we packed away
and made our way
out to sea
for parley
with Barry
and family.

Be Safe said the Bees All at Sea 

A bottlenose dolphin jumping at Notojima Aquar...
A bottlenose dolphin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bees flew out as far as the first horizon, which was the limit of their safe flight range; but some bungeed a little farther. They all sang goodbyee. It was a beeautiful sight from the early morning ocean, lit up aquamarine by the new day’s sun.

The harness and raft worked well. Barry and I swam in the front, with Barry’s wife and three calves in two rows behind us.

It felt dynamite to be a dolphin again yessiree,
freely swimming in the wild open sea,
bounding as a bottlenose with great company,
although it was a shame to leave the bees of Bingie.

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