Ram Jam Comedy Classic Album Cover Archaeology Satire

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, the Greenygrey world’s Tony Robinson. Tony’s famous for mixing comedy and archaeology, but not trying to mix them together quite like me. Although archaeology in the Greenygrey world is nothing like archaeology in the human world; we don’t have to get into holes and dig about; while our comedy can’t hope to reach the heights of uber classic Baldrick of Blackadder.

Ram Jam Greenygrey World

But I satirically persevere, trying to unearth evidence of past Greenygrey worlds, and presenting them with as much jollity as I can muster. And I think I unearthed some great evidence of a past Greenygrey world this week, after watching a 20 Greatest Southern Rock Songs! video on YouTube:

Following the southern rock trail I happened upon the temple of the ram cover of the eponymous first Ram Jam album, and saw that it depicts a greenygrey ram world, looking like the Mayan one does in the human world.

Ramjam ramjam2

Is this evidence of a long lost Greenygrey world, providing an insight into the origins of the Greenygreys?

Moreover, their second album (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram) cover seems to show a similar culture of self-deprecating humour to the Greenygrey world:


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