Werewolf of Oz Sydney Literary Nonsense Poetry

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I think it’s midweek enough to have the first episode of your favourite werewolf travels Australia to a Wizard of Oz theme comedy classic travel quest epic, and that’s the start of the satire.

Literary Nonsense Sydney Travel

Today’s episode contains a couple of literary nonsense poems joined together by more literary nonsense.

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach (Photo credit: niallkennedy)

It sees the questing quartet returning to Bronte, where their Sydney adventure all started. On the way they hear about lots of real places, which provide rhyming connections to the end of the journey.

At the end of the episode they hear about the great kangaroo nemesis Rolf once again, with reference to the Rolf Harris song Tie Me Kangaroo Down.

Kangaroo (Photo credit: Subhash Chandra)

The book was written before Rolf Harris was arrested for an ongoing investigation. If convicted, the book’s portrayal of Rolf as a baddie could be seen as quite prophetic… in a kangaroo kind of way!

Chapter 120.  The Barangaroo Kangaroo is Just a Short Hop or Two

It was getting late,
and I didn’t wanna wait,
but the others were deep,
in conversation of sleep,
so I had forty winks,
and fourteen thinks.
I was awoken by the others,
who said a lady named Carruthers,
and her four brothers,
were heading to Bronte’s Wuthers,
and we could go along,
if we didn’t take too long.

Travelling Sydney by Ferry Taxi 

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Foun...
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (Photo credit: Paco CT)

So I jumped up, leaving twelve intellectual thoughts behind, and taking two nonsense ones along. We ran to the beach, and a ferry taxi soon picked us up.

The captain was a kangaroo
who said it lived in Barangaroo;
down on Darling Harbour,
south of Goat Island’s ardour;
above Sydney aquarium’s
somewhat fishy delirium.
Life was usually fun in town
apart from the Rolf
trying to tie it down.

I thought, That Rolf again. I said it must be nice living just a short hop or two from so many interesting places.

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