New and Old Nature Poems 4 Oz Werewolf East Australia

I saw flocks of birds
fly south-west
skimming eastern horizon
past the north-west
sky-travelling sunrise.
It was not as spectacular
as fireworks sparkling
but was just as uplifting
in a different way.
Like reading a book
and watching T.V.
Eating honey and chili.

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey, in the style of William Wordsworth in the human world. I’m only here to introduce the next poetically thrilling episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, but I was inspired by this morning’s sunrise scene to crank out the above poem. 

Werewolf of Oz East Australia Voyage 

Dee Why Beach
Dee Why Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s episode sees the travel quest quartet leave Sydney to continue their sea journey up the Oz-Australian east coast, with more real place name wordplay on the way, a little poetry to decorate the display, and Grey seeing more sightings without knowing that the end of the epic journey is just around the corner… or up the coast to be more precise.

Chapter 121.  Bongin Bongin Bay after Curl Curl curl dee why

We thanked Captain ’roo from ’roo for a pleasant passage back to Bronte, and said farewell to the Carruthers siblings when they headed inland. Our raft was still there, so it was back on the ocean waves for us.

Dee Why? Curl Curl Curl

Elle and I put our harnesses on, and were about to set off,
when I looked behind me
and thought I could see
a commotion in the Tasman sea.
I wondered what it could be.
I glanced at the others, but nobody seemed to have seen it; and when I looked back out to sea there was nothing to see.

Curl Curl, New South Wales
Curl Curl, New South Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So we set off north, curling far and wide around Curl Curl. Our curl was obviously quite a spectacular one, as it was noticed faraway. How do I know that? Because when we reached Dee Why, a deer called Dee asked why we’d curled around Curl Curl. I said it was a natural curl.

Bongin Bongin Bay is a Nice Place to Stay 

Bongin Bongin Bay
Bongin Bongin Bay (Photo credit: sridgway)

We reached Bongin Bongin Bay by midnight, after Cathy had guided our way by the moonlight silverline.

Silverlining sea
lunar symmetry
sunlight rhapsody
projecting harmony.

Once settled on the beach, we started a fire with washed up dry wood, and talked while eating before falling asleep under a starry sky.

I dreamt of a commotion out at sea
and wondered what it might be.


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