Alice in Chains Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Message

Hi, it’s Howlin’ Werewolf, music correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by Howlin’ Wolf. While I talked more about the old Alice in Chains in our poetry and prose yesterday, the new Alice in Chains have also featured on this very blog.

Devil Put Dinosaurs Here 

In September our blog agreed with Alice in Chains in contesting the kind of Creationist thinking that considers the Earth only a few thousand years old.

Some of the Creationists now accept that dinosaurs were real, but argue that they lived within the few thousand years that they think the Earth has been in existence.

I don’t know if any Creationists think the Devil created dinosaurs. I think Alice in Chains are taking artistic license to be sarcastic and make a point.

Alice in Chains Music Message

A point and style we agree with at the Greenygrey, inspired by the artistic license of Andy Wolfhol.

Here’s the Alice in Chains part of that September 2013 blog, with a link to the blog at the end.

Religion Should Be Personal, and By Choice

At the Greenygrey we think religion should be personal, and the Middle-East monotheists should allow Britain and Europe to continue developing in an intelligent informed scientific secular way to how it has been over the last century.

Alice in Chains seem to want this too, from their new single and video The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which also first came to our attention on Planet Rock News. It criticises television evangelists for misleading; and profiting from their deception. It’s now available on YouTube, and is embedded here:

Alice in Chains

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