Werewolf of Oz Episode has Norah Inspiring Sirens Storyline

It’s Wednesday,
which is about as midweek as you can get,
on this half of the planet.
It is too
in the land of the kangaroo,
so without further ado
here’s the first episode of the week
of WoO for you.

Chapter 122.  Sirens Sound Sweet to Me, but not Cathy

We awoke on the sand
between sea and land
of the rising sun
I have much to learn.

We ate the leftovers from the previous night before setting off. They helped us make good progress, despite a swirling wind picking up off Mona Vale port, sounding like Vale Park when the Valiants are losing.

Waiting for the mail boat at Little Wobby.
Waiting for the mail boat at Little Wobby. (Photo credit: dicktay2000)

At the end of the morning we passed Dolphin Bay, and I thought of Barry and family. I wished they were still with us to see the bay full of delightful dolphins.

I was cheered somewhat by Cheero Point, and a little more by Little Wobby.

The Tug Under the Norah Jones Siren

The going got tough parallel to Tuggerah Lake, as the current tugged us toward the coast as if trying to tie us together. I was beginning to weaken when Elle took up most of the strain, which I thought was an impressive use of her body.

Deutsch: Norah Head, NSW
Deutsch: Norah Head, NSW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d just recovered from that when I heard some beautiful music lilting over to us from Norah Head. The songs seemed to be saying sweet nothings like: ‘Love Me Tender’, ‘Thinking About You’, ‘Come Away With Me’ and ‘Until The End’.

I started swimming toward Norah Head, and Elle followed my lead.

The next thing I remember, Cathy was putting ear-plugs in my ears, and then doing the same to Elle.

Sacramento Sirens
Sacramento Sirens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We stopped swimming and looked up.

I saw we were seconds away from crashing into the rocks. I asked Cathy what had drawn us toward the Norah Head coast, and she replied Siren.

It was a narrow escape for us, and I was extremely grateful that Cathy had been on the same spirit level.



The Valiants playing at Vale Park are Port Vale, an English football league team.
Norah Jones and songs: Love Me Tender, Thinking About You, Come Away With Me and Until The End.
The Sirens’ songs summoned sailors onto rocks in Greek mythology.


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