Alice in Chains, Ghost and Walking Papers Tour Photos

Alice in Chains, Ghost and Walking Papers were inducted into the Rock n’ Roll haGG of Fame this week; inspired by the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in the human world; becoming the gig of the year in the Greenygrey world. They join an exalted list of great heavy rock and metal bands since the award’s inception in 2009. Here’s how the list looks now:

Alice in Chains Tour Photos

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, head honcho at Greenygrey Creation in the absence of the legendary Andy Wolfhol. Here’s some photos from the Alice in Chains tour at the Leeds O2 Academy. The first is of Walking Papers, with Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses fame on the bass.

The second is of Ghost, which were undoubtedly the most greenygrey of the night. Their charismatic vocalist, Papa Emeritus, sported a surreal greenygrey cape, and the lighting was greenygreyish too. Moreover, their Grucifix logo begins with a capital G! Their tongue-in-cheek conceptual image reminds me of the Greenygrey too!!

The bottom two are of Alice in Chains. They produced a great musical performance, mixing great musicianship with fantastic songs; playing a set focused on their classic tunes, with a few new ones.

2013-11-10 19.16.02 2013-11-10 20.31.50 2013-11-10 21.31.10 2013-11-10 21.30.26

The Alice in Chains U.K. tour continues in Glasgow tonight, and ends in Newport on Saturday. The Newport one is sold out.

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