Rhyming Quatrain Poem Sails Australia East Coast Flowing

After 126 scintillating chapters of episodic epic travel quest and occasional classic comedy we reach the beginning of the end. Yes, at the end of this six stanzas of quatrain poetry per… fection/spiration? the Werewolf of Ozzers reach the landing point for the colossal conclusion.

N.S.W. Epic Literary Nonsense Poem 


Hi, it’s Greenygrey, with the beginning of the end for the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. Remembering Les Dawson, I think the  book would make the perfect Christmas present for the mother-in-law.

Why, having put Boomerang Beach and Port Macquarie on the map in recent episodes, and soon to blast Brisbane into your brains big time, this episode takes  Werewolf of Oz poetry to new heights of N.S.W.

It does this by sailing as the north wind blows through Hat Head, Coffs Harbour, Korora and Moonee Beach with an AABB rhyming sequence by one half of the GG that keeps them on course to the beginning of the end… at Emerald Beach (all real places).

Chapter 127.  Epic Poem of NSW North Coast Sea Journey

We had a good night in Macquarie,
slept well without hearing snory,
had a filling breakfast first thing,
and then it was time to get going.

Hat Head

We travelled slower than the day before,
as our arms ached and heads were sore,
Hat Head was therefore a welcome break,
and my emerald cork hat seemed to wake.

Coffs Harbour

We were ready for a drink by Nambucca Heads,
but quickly left when offered four sambuca reds,
Coffs Harbour looked nice but sounded dangerous,
for those vulnerable to colds and viral illness.


Then my hat seemed to be dragging me on,
as if to a faraway land in a time once upon,
we raced the Pacific Highway to Korora,
even though it meant missing an aurora.

Moonee Beach

Moonee Beach flashed right past,
with my hat changing gear to very fast,
I didn’t know where we were going,
but the journey certainly wasn’t boring.

Emerald Beach

Then I saw the beach ahead was green,
I think it was the limiest I’d ever seen,
so I thought I knew what my hat was up to,
and felt it could be this journey’s breakthrough.



Sambuca is an alcoholic aniseed drink.



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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.  
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