Ashes 3rd Test and Hobbit 2 Werewolf of Oz Warm-Up

Good morning, Perth. Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams is pitch-side at Perth’s Waca ground, ready for a wacky Ashes 3rd test sports report from Western Australia, where the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps epic travel quest ozyssey all began.

The WACA ground. Inverarity Stand.
The WACA ground. Inverarity Stand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve also got our film correspondent, Quentin Tarwolftino, ready for Friday’s U.K. general release of Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug.

Werewolf of Oz March towards Bri’s Bane

After the epic reunion in the last chapter/episode, they leave the Emerald Cave in this episode, and meet some new allies along the way. This is of course like what happens in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

It’s the general travel quest formula, creating a story that is enjoyable, as well as exciting.

It’s another long chapter/episode, so I’ll let you rejoin the Werewolf of Ozzers as they head north up the Oz east coast. There’s explanation about the episode in the notes at the end.

The Beatles and Aspinall's Commer van outside ...
The Beatles and Aspinall’s Commer van outside the Cavern Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter 131.  Churchilla’s Chinchilla Commandos of Goya 

Reacquainting with the Collie twins was like digging into the past and striking pure gold; or maybe finding the best buns is a more appropriate metaphor when thinking about Bunbury’s Collie twins.

Everybody was enjoying the moment, although we knew that a bruising battle lay ahead with Bri’s bane.

We partied through the night, with a band of Beatles starring in the Cavern, and then headed north the next morning.

Liaising with the Chinchilla Chinchillas

Emily and Brian led us through the green-lit tunnels for ten hours, until we at last reached the safe haven of Chinchilla.

The Chinchilla chinchillas were also locked in a perennial struggle with Bri’s bane, so we were warmly welcomed.

Winston Churchill in Downing Street giving his...
Winston Churchill in Downing Street giving his famous ‘V’ sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emily and Brian introduced us all to the chinchilla leader, Pancho Churchilla, and he thanked us for our support.

When evening arrived, we all ascended into the fresh air, and basked in the Chinchilla sunset chinchilla style.

Chinchillas of Goya

We rested overnight underground in the burrow barracks of the Chinchillas of Goya (COG); a crack unit of chinchilla commandos that are the teeth of the chinchilla army sprocket.

Capricho nº 50: Los Chinchillas de Goya, serie...
Capricho nº 50: Los Chinchillas de Goya, serie Los Caprichos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They gave us their nests and slept on the floor, as their training had hardened them to such inconvenience.

I didn’t like to take the nest, but we had been on a long hard journey; as long as the COG could maintain rotation without such self-maintenance.

Born to Bask

Someone had scrawled a message on the rock next to my nest that haunted my sleep that night. It said: Born to Bask, Live for Task.

It was signed CC, so I guess it must have been Cilla Chinchilla who wrote it; Pancho said she was the one who normally slept there. I thought it was a shame such a chilled chinchilla had to live this way, and dreamt that one day soon the chinchillas would be able to once more bask in peace.

We were awoken early. After a short preparation we started on our final march to Bri’s bane. Nerves, excitement and fear all mixed together to activate anarchic adrenalin.

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa (Photo credit: -Chupacabras-)



The Beatles found fame at the Cavern club.
Pancho Villa (Mexican revolutionary leader).
Winston Churchill (British Prime-Minister during World War Two).
Goya was a 19th century painter, and one of his paintings was named Los Chinchillas. The COG idea was set in motion when Los Chinchillas was suggested as an image by Zemanta on the Werewolf of Oz wordpress blog.


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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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