This Week Tops Top Twitter Trending This Week

Andrew Neil seemed chuffed that his political review, comment and debate television show This Week became the most trending on Twitter last week. This week This Week has gone one better, by getting onto the Greenygrey.

This Week Political Sense

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, satirical comedy television correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by Harry Hill‘s old TV Burp show (we hope we’ve filled the gap left by Burp‘s bidding farewell).

We’ve been long-time viewers of This Week at the Greenygrey, valuing Andrew Neil and the show’s greenYgreyish congratulation and criticism of politicians and political life either side of asking Y and analYsis.

This Week Greenygrey Boomeranging

So we were delighted that Andrew Neil and his political experts, Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson (we liked the show just as much before Diane Abbott left to focus more on politics), celebrated their Twitter triumph with some joyous boomeranging.

Andrew Neil’s boomeranging made the BBC iplayer cover shot, as seen in this photo also featuring singer guest Kate Nash:


Moreover, Portillo and Johnson combined boomeranging with greenygreying. They chose to do it in reverse greenygreying positions:


We’re chuffed that greenygreying and boomeranging are being enjoyed on the best political chat show we know. And yes, we would like a mention on This Week… and you to tweet us!

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