Rebranding Werewolf of Oz Final Week

Werewolf of Oz final week is going on so long that we’ve got time for a satirical comedy rebranding, parodying our own work along with lots of other things in modern society.

Scooby Doo Werewolf Rebranding 

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We think Goodbye to WoO has lost its appeal and impact, so once more inspired by Scooby Doo and in line with our werewolfism, we’re rebranding it to Werewell to WoO Week for the second half of the epic farewell.

One of my oldest and biggest inspirations Scooby Doo pronounced its Ss as Rs, which was a lovable characteristic, as explained on scoobydoo.wikia

Grey was of course lucky enough to meet the Humpty Doo in Humpty Doo, Northern Territories.

Darwin the whistler duck from Darwin, Northern Territories, hypothesised on the origins of species that the Humpty Doo was descended from Scooby Doo and Humpty Dumpty. It certainly looked like them.

Grey’s ghost writer, Marc Latham, thought it was a classic episode when he was editing Grey’s rambling rambles.

Rebranding WoO

Our rebranding Farewell (to WoO) to Werewell (to WoO) combines our Scooby Doo inspiration along with the W that has become an important letter in the Greenygrey world: second only to the G.

This is of course in line with the WWW inspiration that brought the Greenygrey into the human world, although picky buggers might argue it’s a WWWW, or at least WwWW.


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