Super Bowl 2014 Seattle Seahawks Grey n’ Green

Super Bowl 2014 is set to kick-off in the Metlife Stadium, New Jersey, U.S.A. this Sunday, February 2nd at 18.25 E.S.T. (Eastern Standard Time), that’s 23.25 G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time). It’s even more exciting this year, because Team GG is in the final. 

Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, with the second part of a great weekend double-bill of satirical comedy sporting action.

First of all, I’d like to add to yesterday’s sport, class and sexism blog by clarifying that I do think there is a funny woman on British television: Mrs. Brown. Okay, she is played by an Irishman, but it’s still women’s stuff.

I do like Catherine Tate too, a real woman, and especially her Nan persona.

Greenygrey Seahawks 

Now, back to the game in hand: the big day of NFL football in the U.S.A., with the momentous finale ending a season that started early last September.

I’m delighted to write that the Seattle Seahawks not only have a cool wildlife name, symbolising the abundance of natural beauty around Seattle, but also play in greenygrey, which is the colour of a lot of that nature. This is shown in this action photo from the Seahawks website:

Five matchups to watch in Super Bowl XLVIII

The Seahawks Super Bowl jerseys are even more greenygrey:

Nike Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Game Jersey - College Navy

There’s lots more greenygrey merchandise at their pro shop.

Marc Latham has greenygrey books available on Smashwords and
Amazon (

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