Seattle Seahawks Win Superbowl 2013 – 2014

The Seattle Seahawks surpassed the greatest expectations for Team GG with an incredible 43 – 8 win over the Denver Broncos yesterday. There were overwhelmingly greenygrey scenes all around the ground, and on the pitch, and in the trophy presentation.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams with another NFL Superbowl satirical comedy special, today celebrating the Seahawks’ famous victory.

As the Seahawks played mainly in blue and white, the undoubted hero for Team GG was the helmet, which showed no signs of season’s wears and tears as it covered the pitch tirelessly in overwhelming greenygrey:

The pitch looked greenygrey, with the green grass complemented by a grey Super Bowl logo. It’s not surprising looking at the logo for the event:

Even the Vince Lombardi trophy they were playing for got in on the greenygreying act:

Seattle celebrated in style in the city once most famous for Nirvana, Pearl Jam and grunge. The Seahawks quickly put on sale some great greenygrey champions merchandise, including this smart sports top:



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