242 Mirror Poems Reflection 2

The 121 Reflections in the title of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections is a little misleading, as there are much more than 121 really. Yes, you’re getting even better value for money than you might think from Dr. Marc Latham’s super cheap £3.41 Amazon.co.uk, $5.59 Amazon.com poetry collection, which is also available in lots of other countries.

Mirror Poem Reflections 

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth and wolves. The second of 121 poems in Latham’s book is Hopes Rise with the Sun, which was published on the fmpoetry.wordpress.com website in April 2010.

Nepal 076
Thamserku mountain from Namche Bazaar

I think it was written in Leeds, sitting at a computer just like I am now, only earlier, before sunrise, six months after first inspiration waiting for sunrise in Namche Bazaar, entrance to the Everest (Sagarmatha) National Park. That was of course recently serialised on the travel25years.wordpress.com website, and the accompanying photo is from that moment.

121 Reflections 

Multiple lasers reflecting from a mirror.
Multiple lasers reflecting from a mirror. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, I think I have digressed, or maybe there was just a lot more to introduce than I thought!

Yes, as I was saying in the opening paragraph, there’s a lot more reflections really than 121. In Reflection 2 below there are a few, although they are all to do with narcissism and ego; and how they drive ambition and trying to make a difference.

Great Expectations 

Ultimately though, Marc seems to think that people can only make a small difference, and for a small amount of people in the grand scheme of human population and world history. That’s in democracies anyway!

That’s not recommending that people don’t try and become important and influential, just that they shouldn’t feel disappointed if they don’t think the world changes much in their lifetime.

Infinite Space, Mortal Lives 

English: Settle and Carlisle Railway Line Trai...
English: Settle and Carlisle Railway Line Train at Shaw Paddock. Upper Wensleydale in the distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is the message of the final poem, which highlights the insignificance of two famous transporters to the world they existed in; and another type of transport that revolutionised human civilisation 150 years ago, and is still going, but compared to the planet it is still only like a few letters on a sheet of A4 paper: l-i-n-e.

Before that, the thoughts in Reflection 2 were apparently inspired by emerging into the new media world of reality television and WWW writing freedom with a PhD; getting books published, and then trawling the mind for thoughts and reflection.

Hopefully these explanations will help (the director’s cut could be called 484 Mirror Poems, Reflections and Explanations, as there has to be an explanation for each poem and reflection!)  understanding, and that you’ll at least be entertained, and maybe even informed, which is what it’s all about!

Reflection 2 

Concorde on takeoff
Concorde on takeoff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Narcissism and Ego

I wanted to be famous for being famous, but too late now…?
A little bit of ego allows me to do this, rather than making me do it.

Has my writing and public profile fuelled narcissism, or given it an outlet?

Finding out that you aren’t the centre of other people’s world is a relief, but also a disappointment in some ways, as you wonder why not.

Titanik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Addressing narcissism should help overcome a depression fuelled by feelings of failure: you can’t change the world, and nature of humanity, so don’t expect too much.

Concorde boomed the sky
but clouds still quietly fly.
Trains carry tons of freight
but the land doesn’t have to wait.
Titanic caused a commotion
but didn’t change the ocean.

Smashwords cover

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