Satirical Comedy Set Free, GG Away on Fool’s Day

The Greenygrey has left to search for our head honcho of Creation, the AWOL A. Wolfhol, with April 1st chosen as the ideal date for the long perilous journey to the Chukchi Sea deep in the Google Mapshere.

Royal Send-Off for A.W.O.L A. WOLFHOL

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, with a satirical comedy news report from the Royal – Greenygrey world.

Yes, as the Greenygrey once again left Blighty on another thrilling ramble into the Google Mapshere I’m delighted to say that Kate, William, George and Lupo were by their window to bid it farewell and good luck.

Harry must have had a late night!

Royal Help for A.W.O.L A. WOLFHOL

Moreover, George and Lupo also tried to recreate our favourite image of Andy Warhol in the human world; from where our ol’ Wolfhol might have developed.

English: Andy Warhol
English: Andy Warhol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saving the real for last, Lupo is an Italian word for wolf.

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