X Factor Auditions Return Psycho Sico Poem

Simon Wolfell’s sacking from the Greenygrey after his human parallel Simon Cowell did the dirty on cool Carmen Elektra and his friend, the husband of Laura Silverman, who then had Sico’s child, probably led to the failure of the American Factor. But now Sico’s back in the U.K., and he’s got Cheryl Tweedy back in tow, after apparently sacking her in the U.S.A.

Psycho Sico X Factor Poem 

English: Map showing the location of the Chukc...
English: Map showing the location of the Chukchi Sea. Modified map based on map :commons:Image:Chukchi Sea map.png created by NormanEinstein, May 31, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wolfsworth.

Another amazing coincidence in the virtual world we live in, is that Cheryl Tweedy used to be called Cheryl Cole (C2), and the Greenygrey this week flew out to the Chukchi Sea (C2 or 3, unsure about counting Sea!).

The poem was also influenced by three days of smoggy pollution in the U.K. that registered 10 out of 10: referencing a quote from Apocalypse Now, which was about napalm rather than pollution.

We didn’t expect anything like that so soon when we warned about Boris Johnson and George Osborne‘s visions for Britain’s future! Here’s the untitled ranty ramble poem that unfortunately isn’t very romantic!:

Feeling alienated
unable to fit in
try psychopathy
it worked for me.
Greed is good
animals are just food
love the smell
of pollution in the morning.
Nature doesn’t matter
Simon’s back on X Factor
a great role model
for society’s Sico babble!

Photo: Feeling alienated<br /> unable to fit in<br /> try psychopathy<br /> it worked for me.<br /> Greed is good<br /> animals are just food<br /> love the smell<br /> of pollution in the morning.<br /> Nature doesn't matter<br /> Simon's back on X Factor<br /> a great role model<br /> for society's psycho babble!

Good luck to all the X Factor contestants, and everybody involved apart from Cowell!

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