Poem Mirrors May Spring with Crux Stars

Marc Latham’s newest Folding Mirror poem celebrates spring’s warmest month in the northern hemisphere, as it prepares to hand over to summer. It is mirrored in the bottom half by the Crux (Southern Cross) star constellation, which has four main stars (although there is a fifth prominent one), as there are four seasons in many northern hemisphere countries and regions.

Learning from Poetry

One of the most fascinating facts learnt during research for the poem was that Crux was visible as far north as Britain until the fourth millennium BC. As explained on Wikipedia, ‘the precession of the equinoxes gradually lowered its stars below the European horizon, and they were eventually forgotten by the inhabitants of northern latitudes.

File:Deep Crux wide field with fog.jpg
Crux constellation on Wikipedia

Height of Spring, Stars order Heart

spring finale
after the April March
of vulgar life
colourful language
screaming buds
making a scene
open armed
waving skywards
in the northern hemisphere

do the dandelions dance, like leopards in love

in the southern semi-circle
where stars
cross lines
creating a shape
sun’s relative
universal code
changes over time
above Delta Acrux Mimosa
red giant

File:Southern cross appearing on a number of flags.PNG

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