May Poem Mirrors Spring Season with Southern Cross Stars

May is here
spring for sure
in northern hemisphere
winter sheds last tear
as summer knocks on door.

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey. I hope you didn’t mind my poetic introduction. Spring is in the air, and it’s time for wolfwords to leave the lair.

Poetry Reflections

I’m delighted to report that we’ve imported Marc Latham’s newest Folding Mirror poem into the Greenygrey world to accompany reflection 10 from 242 Mirrror Poems and Reflections.

Smashwords cover




Here’s the reflection followed by the new poem from There’s more information on that site, as well as a couple of different images.

Reflection 10

In the void between life and death
that’s where I like to be.
Flying in space beyond sight
of reality and mortality.
But the flight is finite,
and the return can be rocky.

..       Spending the Spring night in the Foot...

Height of Spring, Stars order Heart

spring finale
after the April March
of vulgar life
colourful language
screaming buds
making a scene
open armed
waving skywards
in the northern hemisphere

do the dandelions dance, like leopards in love

in the southern semi-circle
where stars
cross lines
creating a shape
sun’s relative
universal code
changes over time
above Delta Acrux Mimosa
red giant

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