Poetry Reflection Inspires Mind Freedom Search

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem needs no introduction.
If you follow the tale
to the end of the tail,
you may get the idea
but you might also fail.

Limits of Freedom Poetry Reflection

The above is the introduction to Marc Latham’s Tale of the Weakness Tail Folding Mirror poem posted on fmpoetry in July 2012. I wish its reflection didn’t need an introduction, as I could be out enjoying the delightful spring sunshine, but we believe in doing things properly at the Greenygrey, and time waits for no-one in the fast-paced modern rebranded greenYgrey world… and by the end of writing this post I had found a happy place…

Hi, regular readers and garrulous greenygreyliens might already have guessed that it’s William Wolfsworth, satirical comedy poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

What is Freedom?

Freedom’s just another word, for nothing left to lose sang legendary songstress Janis Joplin. Having escaped a negative upbringing, she found fame and success, but it helped drive her over the edge. Would she have been happier if she’d sought a normal life? I don’t know.

Legendary travel writer Jack Kerouac found freedom On The Road, but lived long enough to reach its end; ending up disillusioned with the counter-culture’s helter-skelter spiral towards self-destruction at the end of the 1960s.

British homes children under the New Labour government thought they had more freedom, but many ended up being enslaved by child grooming gangs. Their social workers believed in them having freedom, so they left them to the mercy of the groomers, who only believed in their own freedom, and cared nothing for anybody else.

Limits of Freedom

When birds have freedom
they don’t fly into the stratosphere
but sometimes bump into windows.

Reflection 11

Yes, the above Limits of Freedom was reflection 11 in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, reflecting the mirror poem Tale of the Weakness Tail.

Eagle-eyed readers might be scratching their heads, as they may think that reflection had a totally different meaning to Reflection 10, which wrote about seeking the mind void.

The greenYgrey

They will have forgotten that this is the greenYgrey world, where like in a parallel universe, two ideas and theories can coexist, and sometimes even merge.

Explaining this in human terms, Marc Latham has lived a life of youth, and now crossed the hinterland into middle-age. Crossing from one world into the other doesn’t mean he has left all his youth behind, or forgotten how he felt then, so he is in some ways living two lives; or three if you count the transitional stage.

Is There Anybody Out There?

once sang Pink Floyd. It’s impossible to tell if searching in the void brings any benefits. Although it can seem as if it brought new insights, it’s not really possible to separate them from other factors: such as ageing, life experiences, education, physical changes, world events and exercise.

I remember reading about an enlightened Buddhist monk who thought that recreational drink and drugs in modern society were short-cuts to what he searched for in life. He didn’t regret the time he spent meditating. I guess that’s because he enjoyed it.

I recently read Mark Rowlands in Running With The Pack write about finding and loving that kind of mental place when writing and running.

Now my time in that place must end… but I’m off to get ready for a run in the sun now… the transitional stage spent in the ‘real world’.

I guess that at it’s essence, Reflection 11 is saying that freedom is about having the freedom to choose, and not necessarily choosing the most extreme option.

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