Froch Does Double Over GG in Boxing Bonanza

While the French Open tennis continues to create great greenygrey wall-to-wall advertising, there was only one place to be on the weekend, and that was Wembley Stadium. On Saturday night Carl Froch became one of British boxing’s all-time greats with a stunning knock-out win over George Groves, who had fought hard, and was looking as if he was getting on top until the Cobra struck.

Wembley Stadium Great greenYgrey Display

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

Wembley Stadium looked greenYgrey great on Saturday night, with the roof looking green and grey and the arch yellow. I couldn’t quickly find such a photo, so this different one will have to do.

It has all the ‘y + g x 2’ elements, just arranged in a different way.

Wembley Stadium Build-Up

It was a great weekend at Wembley, with England leaving for World Cup 2014 in Brazil with a 3-0 friendly win over Peru on Friday night.

Then there was a great night of boxing at Wembley Stadium before the Froch v Groves fight, with a strong undercard of fights including wins for Joshua, McDonnell and DeGale.

Carl Froch History 

English: An English boxer, Carl Froch
English: Carl Froch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carl Froch was of course honoured with the first greenYgrey lone wolf award at the end of May last year, winning the name Canis Froch in the greenYgrey world.

Since then, he beat George Groves in their first fight, but the decision was controversial, after Groves was on top in the early rounds before being stopped too early in most people’s view after Froch got on top in rounds 8 and 9.

Froch v Groves II

It was like deja vu between the above two on Saturday night, as Froch won again versus Groves, in another fight at the end of May.

The early rounds were cagey, with Froch dominating the centre of the ring, and Groves looking for chances.

British boxer Carl Froch
Froch with the greenYgrey WBC belt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Froch lived up to his Canis Froch name during these rounds, as confirmed by Martyn Herman in the Standard: ‘Froch’s durability rather than his style has been his trademark down the years…’

However, it was Froch’s own Cobra epithet that won him the fight. As Groves looked to be getting on top in rounds 7 and 8, Froch unleashed a stunning punch with the speed of a cobra strike that ended Groves’s brave attempt at the WBA and IBF titles.

Wembley’s arch had looked golden great, evoking memories of the Olympics 2012 greenygrey games, but Froch eclipsed it on Saturday night.

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