Mirror Poem about Natural Inspiration for Mind

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by a hazy half-moon night, inspiring the thoughts of this poem. He thought how much more he would have thought if he’d spent more time under it, like the ancients did before writing down things; or even people of the last century before the age of television. Some people do still live like that of course, all over the world.

Entrancing Haze, Thoughtful Phase

moon never told a story
ocean didn’t create a rhyme
but waves can sound sublime.
sun wouldn’t sing a song
air can’t write musical lyrics
but wind can breeze idyllic.

natural noise, interpretative imagination

hearing sounds sparks creative cell
nervous system neurons spark new
ingenious ideas begin to brew .
however our brains have evolved
knowledge from more silent times
cultural memes travelling laid lines.

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