Kasabian Connection Album and Book Covers

There were thirty-four poems and the same amount of reflections in the personal-psychological section of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections. So we reach half way in that section in the serialisation of the book in the greenYgrey world today.

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent in the greenYgrey world inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

Kasabian Album 48:13

Empire (Kasabian album)
Empire (Kasabian album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The poem and reflection are two more about the transition into middle-age. At the tail-end of his time before middle-age, Marc liked Kasabian the best out of the new British musical bands.

He also liked some of the rock-dance crossover bands like Pendulum and Chase and Status; and the poem of reflection 16, Middle-Age Memories, was partly inspired by Plan B.

The cover of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections was inspired by watching a Sky Arts interview with Serge from Kasabian, when he said he liked music and art that was cutting edge, like Rolling Stones album covers.

Marc was just finishing the self-publication of 242, and thought his shadow photo was the most in line with what Serge had said. Not that he was trying to please Serge, just that he respected and agreed with his opinion.

In his youth Marc had also liked cutting edge bands: from punk and new wave in the 1970s to rock and metal in the 1980s; and looking back at counter-culture bands in the 1960s.

The Smashwords ebook just had 121 and 242 on the main cover picture, and now Kasabian’s new album is simply called 48:13; a minimalist title referring to the album’s musical length.

Smashwords cover

Middle-Age Choices

After rebelling against the establishment during his youth, Marc was entering middle-age at a tumultuous time in British society.

After always feeling alienated from Britain’s class-based society, he now found himself disillusioned with the counter-culture; who seemed to expect peace, equality, openness and truth from the country’s leaders while supporting groups that did the opposite.

So Marc became more independent than ever, emptied of historical and cultural baggage, which is why the shadow book cover was an apt choice.

At a time when Marc saw his working-class demographic being crushed from all sides, the photo idea had partly been influenced by the Native Americans’ Ghost Dance, which developed from the Circle Dance at the end of their free life amongst nature on the Plains.

Reflection 17 mirrored Living in the Middle-Ages.

Reflection 17

Reaching middle-age
for a rebellious youth
leaves you with two pathway choices.
Try to continue as you are
while remaining cool
or become what you rebelled
against in youth.
Neither is easy or perfect,
and will include falseness,
compromise or both,
but there’s no alternative.
You are not what you were
and while not planning to survive
you continue to be alive.


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