Johnson Son: Another coincidental prophecy?

Yesterday at 13.05 I posted on Facebook: ‘Boris has become Jesusson instead of Johnson for some since Easter rising.’  I  referenced the Jesus’ Son 1999 movie starring Billy Crudup, Samantha Morton, Holly Hunter, Jack Black, Denis Leary and Dennis Hopper.

I’d been meaning to write it since hearing Ian Hislop mention it on the topical quiz show Have I Got News For You two Fridays ago. He’d said some of the right-wing press had used that reference after Johnson left hospital on the Easter weekend.

He hadn’t combined them I like I did though, thinking of Scandinavian names that work like that, or referenced the Jesus’ Son movie: my additions to previous scholarship, using academic language.

I’d forgotten all about the expected Johnson baby when I wrote it.

Then today it was announced the Johnsons had a healthy son last night, born much earlier than most expected!

Another coincidental prophecy?

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