c-a-r-t cat art

Did this photo in a MSN article inspire the first creation of cat art being called C-A-R-T? I just did a quick search and didn’t find it being used.
The greenYgrey abstraction also inspired me to notice cart features in the middle of abs-TRAC-t… backwards!
I posted it on Facebook last night.

a bird sitting on top of a tree: The cat was spotted up the tree on Saturday. (SWNS)

Earlier I’d posted this little letterology poem:

still tree S-erenity
sunlight ref-INES suddenly
fleet flock ‘S-igns?’ flies between

And a great greenYgrey (visiting?) photo of the Northern Lights at Loch Lomond on Monday night, before a bright sunny day yesterday:

Incredible Northern Lights photos caught on camera above Loch Lomond

For lots more greenYgrey letterology wordplay and poetry:

British homes children day… in canada!

The UK has become like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with Child Catchers prowling the streets trying to abduct children.

It’s British Homes Children Day today… in Canada.

British Homes Children in Britain have been targeted by immigrant grooming gangs in recent years, with many raped and some killed.

I think a British Homes Children Day UK may help protect them, and at least provide some support and inspiration.

If you’ve got five UK friends willing to sign you could start a petition:


end of season sail… to sky

Summer 2020 is dying in front of me: green leaves leaving only a memory; trees yellowy/orangey, or already undressed of luminosity

When I die and if skin rots away, I’ll be white skull uncomplaining about decay; but if sky heaven’s not white it’ll bring dismay!

If you can DARE READ, you have passed the anagram test for MY books; which will hopefully make you feel DREA-MY! MyOhMy; Ode2Fly!!

If I had to count every drop of rain I think it’d drive me insane, like helping every human in a world intent on inflicting pain!

Bees among blackberries day before a long spell of cold rain forecast I felt for them; like their reaper; but they showed no fear!

I don’t want to CON, and have CON-TEMPT for those who do, but I’ve never hidden my desire to TEMPT readers; without misleaders!

New student special: CHARLES manson to BLM

Facebook turned into an unplanned new student young adult special this morning! Probably stuff you won’t see at ‘student induction’: where they start to learn what to support, and what they can’t say… and shouldn’t think!!

Is your student leader a ‘Manson‘? A couple of mine were, but they were much younger than me, so I could control it. They did help to make my university time better, but I think I did the same for them, and didn’t think they owned a share of my life!University students are ripe for brainwashing, perhaps fully free from their parents for the first time, and thinking they know it all, with in fact little knowledge and probably all weighed towards freedom and rebellion, mirroring how they feel themselves, and how they’d like to turn the world into their ideal fantasy world, like they’ve seen in Lord of the Rings, Avatar or Game of Thrones.It was only when I started writing those fictional stories I remembered my greenYgrey world trilogy, and how it tried to keep the right side of reality, like the Valhalla Rising movie did with Vikings/Middle Ages life… and I reference it in the last of the trilogy… I also included satire and parody…

Most people want to experience rather than be told, as I did. Some people are free climbing high buildings or cliff faces, and resent anybody advising them not to. Sometimes I did dangerous things because I didn’t consider them dangerous. and sometimes because I just didn’t care about the consequences.I don’t feel lucky to be alive, but I do feel lucky to have survived without major injury!

White women should start saying the name and campaigning for justice in the Jessica Chambers case: a white women burnt alive, including from the inside out, probably by a black man for refusing sex (like Jodi Miller in Leeds, England, UK); the main suspect is already in prison on another charge, and is a suspect in the murder of another woman. His main defence is the alibi of a woman (black?) he married afterwards.Will BLM money (much of it donated by whites!) help him escape justice?!
Inspired by Regina King wearing Breonna Taylor t-shirt.


Death of my mind’s a fiction I’ll never see; each morning I awaken in a new reality!

milifend: new word encapsulating all life in mind?: mi-life-nd!

milifend: the life you fill your mind with will be the mind you fill your life with.

Nightly flying free, N returns with me: morning media-induced NTSD: Neverending Traumatic Stress Disorder!! (instead of PostTSD)

The above were fitted for colurful backgrounds on Facebook.

If you liked them there’s lots more similar in my latest books; more epic classic but hopefully not as good, as that’ll mean I’m still improving, and progressing towards some even greater insights/truths!?

sunrise hour of wolf song

I didn’t know Norwegians have a tradition of calling the hour before sunrise Ulvetime (Hour of the Wolf) until seeing this. It’s a triangular coincidence for my writing, with wolves central to the greenYgrey decade long writing theme, sunrise central to the mistYmuse post-greenYgrey movement, and Heilung (this is another project of these musicians) the top group of the last 15 months, and last I saw live. Heilung do feature wolf sounds in their music, so it’s not a new development and complete surprise!

Deciding a featured image reminded me of another coincidence, as I remembered the wolf and time artwork I created a few years ago for WWF’s Earth Hour; with my artwork combining Hour and Wolf for the evening switch-off!

Am i 3 now?

If I think Facebook is like nutrition for my writing: am I just am-bit(ion)ing without activating; retr-eating not exercising..?

We only know what we experience, society tells us and science has investigated; which often contradict each other, and are tiny

Humanity: 1 animal accessory of/to toxicity on my trek 2 meditative transcendence; along with all else 3 in the universe; free 4U!

FRISKY Facebook fantastics

In Earth I’d like to be…
rooted in the tree fungi
tenacious fraternity,
conserving energy,
exchanging mutuality,
silent humanity

I feel…
I can…
this kind…
of poetry…
to ticking of clock, no writer’s block,
but only human time rhyme

social media and satire nuance go together like…
saliva mucus and sweet nothings!

Pineal gland: where whole world of humanity aims:
partying up/down; flying flat/round.
Really all in head; pea-size part of brain!

If my USP is an underdog martyr >,
would commercial success be a marketing disaster <,
or could I combine the 2 ><.
Do some do!?

Is a higher being playing with mind:
if so, is it a kindly master, or a dedicated hunter;
Mothman flying free or hooked underwater

The first two above were written after posting on here, and the bottom four this morning on Facebook fitted for a colourful background (and the current zeitgeist of shorter attention spans and hence media products), during this golden hour of my mind (as twilight times are for photography) – after waking and coffee -rather than a set time; but this time is also known as one of the most common.


Can sun see within, without clouds around:
optical illusion; our standpoint;
sailing around 1 star stability:
non-stop circularity

clear sky dawns, stardust spawns,
sunlight shoulder, sunrise colour,
sleep over, birds hover,
call other, another day, up in air..

Earth can’t escape humanity; our birth mother;
but sky fly forever; “infinity + beyond”;
too vast for our polluting destruction…

The above were three poems I posted on Facebook this week; fitted for colourful backgrounds; and fitting in with the greenYgrey world POP (PinkyOrangePurple) art ending, in more ways than one!