FRISKY Facebook fantastics

In Earth I’d like to be…
rooted in the tree fungi
tenacious fraternity,
conserving energy,
exchanging mutuality,
silent humanity

I feel…
I can…
this kind…
of poetry…
to ticking of clock, no writer’s block,
but only human time rhyme

social media and satire nuance go together like…
saliva mucus and sweet nothings!

Pineal gland: where whole world of humanity aims:
partying up/down; flying flat/round.
Really all in head; pea-size part of brain!

If my USP is an underdog martyr >,
would commercial success be a marketing disaster <,
or could I combine the 2 ><.
Do some do!?

Is a higher being playing with mind:
if so, is it a kindly master, or a dedicated hunter;
Mothman flying free or hooked underwater

The first two above were written after posting on here, and the bottom four this morning on Facebook fitted for a colourful background (and the current zeitgeist of shorter attention spans and hence media products), during this golden hour of my mind (as twilight times are for photography) – after waking and coffee -rather than a set time; but this time is also known as one of the most common.

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