orb or lens flare? DREAM WIFE: FIRE

Following on from the last post’s featureless face beauty I have a far from featureless face, which hopefully provides support and inspiration for those who don’t feel they have either.

I hear a lot about plastic surgery being done now that I consider unnecessary; but they are unlikely to listen to me, especially if they really think they need it.

Maybe this photo I took in Iceland is me showing I am over vanity; and consider the ‘light’ more important/beautiful; as the photo is not one I consider flattering to myself, and feature it here to show the light and ask if you think it is an orb or lens flare?

I honestly don’t know. While I’ve had some feelings/sightings of ‘supernaturalness’ that time wasn’t one, and I didn’t know anything about it until looking at the photo.

The sun was definitely shining brightly, which is a big factor in lens flares, but it seems much brighter and clearer than most lens flares I’ve seen.

The ‘weirdness’ factor is increased by the fact that I didn’t intend taking a ‘selfie’ originally. In the cold and brightness; I’d been on the icy fjord all day (about 10-5 in the short daylight) on my own on a freezing January day, having originally just gone out to buy food!; I accidentally turned the phone camera’s view around. I thought it was worth taking a selfie with the sun behind me, but didn’t see any ‘orbs’.

I’d previously seen Iceland ‘orbs’ in the Dream Wife ‘Fire’ video:

Please share or enquire where you want, as I’m not interested in making money from it, and just ask out of interest and public service.

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