Bitchy bullies biting the hand that fed;
now they’re BBC, shadow of Savile instead;
Mordor central Salford Red Devils dread!
(Inspired by story Little Mix have a dig at old manager Simon Cowell [inspiration for the Wolfell werewolfised greenYgrey world character] on new album; after I previously criticised their Black Magic video for ‘their group gang’ bullying a lone girl).


The other side of Salford; these were two of seven stories (some poetic) I wrote in under an hour this morning on Facebook.


‘Salt of the Earth’ Salfordians (?); John Cooper Clarke, Stone Roses etc; I salute you for surviving and sometimes prospering in the Red Devils triangle (I like triangles too; especially UFOs, pyramids etc!).

I was impressed by the ‘Salford community’ battling property development in a documentary on the BBC; and even the ‘celebrity’ property developer himself seemed quite cool.

The title too: Manctopia, middling Dystopia/Utopia.

The size and speed of the development, doubling population in a few years, was horribly scary though, and pushing ‘local’ people out of the area!

(Documentary still available in UK).


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