New Golf Life metaphor. I just searched golf life metaphor and there’s lots already, but nothing like this quantitative comparison with the average life, which is about 90 in Monaco: the equivalent of 5 rounds of 18 hole golf. The first 9 holes of life are spent on the crazy golf course; and then 10-18 is a half-round on the proper golf course. The 2nd round, 19-36 is young adulthood.The 3rd round, 37-54 is mature adulthood/young middle-age.The 4th round, 55-72 is middle-age/young old age.The 5th round, 73-90 is old age.

When I was thinking of the golf life metaphor, following my recent athletics track one, I had terminally ill young people at the forefront of my thought: to make them feel better by explaining that they see the best of life, the crazy golf of childhood, and maybe get a taste of the main course: which is the same course throughout life; just that you go around up to 5 times for the 5 rounds of golf metaphor; although there are different ups and downs each round, and maybe a different ‘landscape’; provided by changes in weather in the golf course rounds metaphor.

Golf Course Life Metaphor 3: end of trilogy! Yes, after the fun and excitement of the crazy golf course of childhood, it’s quite an exciting novelty to move onto the main course of life, but also a big step up and quite scary for many. Then your first full round on the course from 19-36 is momentous as you are doing the full course for the first time. Then the next one, 37-54 is trying to keep the pace up, and seeing something different to the previous times. Then the next one, 55-72, which I’m just starting, is again looking for something different, but also seeing it more as an endurance event, as fatigue and boredom start to take hold!

The above followed on from my recent athletics track life analogy metaphor a few posts ago. There’s a lot more groundbreaking philosophy in my 15 years a PhD graduate books; kept to the ‘hippy ethos’ of free information by blogging it first and setting my self-published at the lowest prices possible on Smashwords and Amazon.

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