new kylie minogue summer hit SONG exclusive chorus?

9 lines of poetry before you get to the new La Vida Loca… can you resist fast forwarding there… or is the temptation too strong to bear..?

There’s a lot of love between us,
Mercury and Venus,
and when my pew,
doesn’t have a sun view,
most of Earth too.

Holding us together
influencing weather
lighting up our planet
million times size of it
so la sol for us forever.

The last line wordplays so la and solar… I think it’s a catchy chorus Simon Cowell (maybe it was the greenYgrey world’s Simon Wolfell contacting me, subliminally… werewolfally?) etc would be proud of, and a summer hit for somebody this year… along the lines of La Vida Loca?

Or I was thinking of Stock, Aitken and Waterman (although I thought the first name was Scott… lucky I don’t have to look it up in a phone directory!) from the ’80s. Just looked them up and saw they wrote some of Kylie’s hits, which is the perfect match?

I thought of the first four lines a few days ago, but couldn’t think of the last. Then, after a nice sunrise this morning, it poured out au natural! My books are full of song lyrics inspired poetry and prose, that could be adapted..? Most are probably more suited to rock music, while the above is pure pop… in line with the POP(PinkyOrangePurple)olution?

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