counterculture GROUNDBREAKING aftershocks

Stream of consciousness thoughts after my previous post on Facebook, rebounding the thoughts (of my previous post here), that I originally posted there.

When I started creative writing 15 years ago the main theme was agnosticism bordering on atheism. The neo-pagansim I supported was animal and environment friendly focused, with humanity looking as if it was ‘waking up’ to the problem. |Unfortunately, the constant pressure of human overpopulation and reliance on consumerism; combined with continuous ‘competition’; is keeping us from doing anything constructive to stop it.

Eco-groups like XR seem as much or more about ‘race’ as ‘environment’, but to me open borders immigration as bad as fossil fuels; if they don’t want the latter, they shouldn’t support the former. They seem to favour policies that punish ‘native whites’, and support those that support ‘foreign immigrants’, even if both are obviously bad for the environment; unlike Attenborough, who rightly says it is just the sheer volume of humanity that is to blame.

I was already in two minds about XR’s direct action policy, thinking it was probably doing as much harm as good, then a Sky documentary about them interviewed one white male, and he said they wanted to divide society; the opposite of what I wanted to do with the greenYgrey. Yet the media seem to support them and BLM (one and the same really; that XR white male interviewed cited three black ‘civil rights’ men as his role models, rather than eco stars like Attenborough, Packham and Thunberg) more than a moderate like me (like they supported Russell Brand’s extreme revolutionary Marxism instead of my conciliatory merging Hegemonism!). They are mostly the same ‘higher class’ people as I went to uni with, and who will be welcomed back into ‘liberal left’ high-paid jobs when they ‘grow up’; using their XR/BLM experience for jobs in the media, PR or IT; and uni of course! (this is all added again, meaning I’ll have to go back to Facebook with it; lucky I did, as I spotted several typos there!); which is probably why the media seem to support them so much! For the liberal media is now run by descendants of the 60s hippies, 80s rave etc!!

It makes me look for alternatives to ‘hippy neo-paganism’, but then old paganism (whether native American or native European) still likes hunting animals and wearing furs etc, as well as believing in gods; contrary to my original agnostic/atheistic animal-welfare reasons for supporting paganism. Now, with XR/hippies supporting meat-eating immigrants, and materialism loving musicians, I think I may as well go along with the old pagans, and the European gods, as they are the native ones, and if humanity is determined to believe in gods… and consumerism!

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