Poem for Free Mind Introvert Survival

The Dead Poet’s Society seems to have been reawakened by Werewolf of Oz and 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections being available for a free download on Smashwords in July; last day today!

However, more precisely, it was a comment by last week’s host of my eco interview, about poetry stopping her feeling lost and alone (reminding me of Janis Joplin singing about ‘freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose’ on Me and Bobby McGee; written by Foster and Kristofferson) that inspired the above snippet poem with word limit within the maximum allowed for a colourful background on Facebook.

I may have added society after humanity if I had room; or humasociety compounding them; although that may be considered overdoing it and unnecessary by an expert editor?

It doesn’t have the detail and depth of many poems on 242 Mirror Poems, such as the first one, SAGAS: Solipsistic Astronaut Gravitates Agnostic Space but it’s where my mind’s at now… occasionally rising from the dead!

The start reminded me of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit; and my mind may have been playing it in my head; cos it’s one of my favourite songs!


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