This is a blog site for the display of Folding Mirror poetry, created and administered by Marc Latham.

Please feel free to peruse the poetry and contribute your own poems and/or views.

For a comprehensive explanation of the Folding Mirror form please read Caroline Gill’s excellent FM poetry form post.


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. I find your concept of “folding mirror” poetry fascinating. It is similar to an ancient form in koine Greek known as CHIASMUS. The structure is a thematic mirror image: for example a seven line chiasmus would have themes A, B, C then the hinge “D” followed by A’, B’, C’. The hinge would serve as the central theme or thought.

    An example of this is found in the gospel of Luke 4:16-20 where you have two chiasms: one within the other. The inner chiasm is verses 18-19. You’d need to examine it in a literal translation or the original Greek to pick up the exact elements.

  2. More than the figuring of content into the structure, what would the structure contribute to the content, linguistic tricks and acrobatics aside? I’m interested in your form; maybe you could theorize its aesthetics, nuances, and so on. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Pepito, thanks for your comment.

      For me, the form provides inspiration to create poetry and look for meaning in subjects that interest me.

      I hope that it increases my understanding of those topics, and then provides a form that clearly demonstrates how I see similarities and differences around the central subject of interest, which becomes the folding middle line of the poem.

      Please feel free to enquire further if you need any more info or opinion.

      Cheers, Marc.

  3. I’d never heard of Folding Mirror Poetry until I came across this blog. Fascinating stuff. I will be following this closely and possibly trying out the form myself!

    I also noticed you’ve got a ‘poetry websites’ and ‘writing websites’ link section. Wondered if you’d be interested in posting a link to my site – Word in the Eye. It’s a brand new poetry, fiction and occasionally photography site. I’m ideally looking for readers and submissions, and thought your readers might be interested?

    I’ll be stopping back regularly for more poems I think (and to work my way through your archive too!). πŸ™‚

  4. Very impressed, when I was looking at some of the photo’s, there were some of-my favorites- I have saved in my art/photo folder. What a great inventive site!… also I grew up in upstate N.Y. This just feels right!

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