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Banksy Thanksy? References greenYgrey in Sotheby’s Display

MSN featured a video on the news this morning wondering if it was Banksy filming his own shredding stunt, which I think was an excellent return to form, for me anyway, surprising me at least, returning me to how I felt when his/their artwork first started appearing. They were an inspiration to me and my Greenygrey/greenYgrey concept. I thought his dismaland theme park was like the old-fashioned greenygrey sunless world, before its yellow core rebranding (with a big chunk of parody/satire comedy, mixing sunshine and cowardice connotations, greenYgrey style!).

Great Artists Reference Each Other

Banksy referenced Picasso on Instagram explaining the painting shredding: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

Did he also reference the greenYgrey as he started his video filming the scene in Sotheby’s (presuming it was him), choosing to include this rebranded greenYgrey painting, another homage to continue the great greenYgrey epic classic tale; while at the same time commenting on how the crowd were only interested in his ‘celebrity status’ image, ignoring the great greenYgrey art in front of them!:


As Banksy explained how he created his art, I will also let you in on my secret. I read MSN this morning, watched the video, went back and stopped it where I saw the greenYgrey near the start, and then screenprinted it.

Then I cropped it to the finished image, leaving the timeline visible, to show it was right at the start.

There was also some Banksy inspiration to my wandering wondering poetry, although there were many others too, from past decades and centuries.

By total coincidence I was playing Suicidal Tendencies’ Art of Rebellion (1992) yesterday morning, and thought that was relevant to Banksy’s shredded painting, as well as the Mona Lisa in flames being very greenYgrey… years before my greenYgrey… maybe Banksy was referencing ST… via me!


Most Remarkable Thing about Global Pyramids

I was thinking about my last posts about the pyramids around the world being similar, especially between the Middle-East and the Americas; not to mention accessories such as ‘handbags’.

I thought that if you consider the first humans arrived in North America around 13,000-20,000 years ago, on an ice bridge either from the west or east, and built the pyramid complexes (in Mexico) about 3-5,000 years ago, around the same time as they were being built in Egypt, what is most amazing is that the ‘Americans’ kept that cultural knowledge going for 10,000 years; if there was no more contact between the people either side of the Atlantic, and if it wasn’t all total coincidence.

New findings are shedding new light on it all the time. Recently, new archaeological research using new techniques using ‘remote surveying technology to see through the thick canopy of forest’ has found evidence of a new pyramid and many more buildings at the Mayan city of Tikal, suggesting the population was about ten times bigger than previously thought. It had some greenYgrey relevance too!:

That civilisation, dating from 1500-1200 years ago, shares with the Mesopotamians pyramid buildings and the mysterious ‘handbag’ carrying figures.

The Mesopotamian Apkallu (image from Wikipedia below, with Mayan one below) are said to have been sent to teach humanity culture. The humanity that is supposed to have left that region before eventually finding it’s way to ‘America’ left the Middle-East about 20,000 years before the Mayan civilisation flourished on a relatively thin piece of land straddling the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Was what they learnt in the Middle-East that important to them, or is it all a coincidence, or was there more contact?

See the source image

I first read about the similarities between the Mesopotamians and Mayans in Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods. He thinks there were many great civilisations before the last Ice Age. I just visited his site and saw his new book this year is called America Before; it reminded me I saw he was planning on concentrating on America the last time I visited the site last year.

‘Ata Alien’ Mystery Solved? Four New Genetic Mutations Found

The Independent via MSN  reports today that the Atacama body mystery featured in my Valentine’s Day poetry has been solved after research, and it has been proved human.

However, they report ‘The investigation also revealed four genetic mutations presumed to be involved with bone diseases, all of which were previously unknown to science.’

I don’t know that much about it, but could that leave the door open to it being a hybrid? Especially as I read in another article on MSN, about humans, that:

‘Humans are among the least genetically diverse species, mostly because we probably descended from a small group of early humans who lived in East Africa. Population geneticists describe genetic diversity with a measure called “effective population size.” Basically, effective population size is how many people you would need to reproduce the genetic diversity of our full population. For humans, this number is really low and hovers around 15,000 individuals. It is kind of crazy when you consider that actual population size is 7 billion. If compared to mice, some species of them have an effective population size of 733,000.’

So, putting the two articles together with a quick wrIus (writer-genius, wri-ius blending) connection it seems amazing that four new mutations were found in one ‘human’ if we are ‘among the least genetically diverse species.’

Talking of amazing I noticed a new wrIus blending in the fourth paragraph of the ‘Ata’ article: ‘has been the subject of intense speculation among online alien enthusiasts ever since it was revealed to the world.

‘alien enthusiasts’ just leapt out as the blended alienthusiasts!

Space Alien Documentaries

I’m continuing to keep up with space watching Quest at 9pm on a Saturday night. Now they’ve got repeats of NASA’s Unexplained Files on, which isn’t as up-to-date or sensational-as-in-amazing as the UFOs Lost Evidence that premiered last year. I’d now seen most of the cases on YouTube, although they provided more explanation, and sometimes seemed to provide adequate proof, such as space junk.

Highlights from a couple of episodes ago were:

1. three objects seeming to be leaving the Earth, flapping wings; the team reported that corroborated sightings outside their craft by two different teams of Russian cosmonauts in 1984, who were reported as saying they’d seen winged golden angels glowing outside their craft. It reminded me of the Watchers from the Noah movie; I watched it for the first time last Christmas; which are angelic beings in the first testament (but can also be traced to other Middle-East religions/myths, such as the Mesopotamian Apkallu, which had the same ‘handbag’ as Mayans across the Atlantic Ocean, as previously mentioned on my travel25years sister site):

The Creation depiction also had a lot of gYgPOP (greenYgreyPinkyOrangePurple) relevance:

Conducting further research this morning I found this Ancient Aliens documentary series clip, and thought the ‘angels’ depiction was reminiscent of yellow Ys, as in greenYgrey!:

2. ‘noise/music’ heard for nearly an hour on the ‘dark side of the moon’, where/when communication with Earth is lost, by an American Apollo mission. I wondered if Pink Floyd knew before writing Dark Side of the Moon?

The last episode’s highlight was ‘alien life’ bugs brought back from the moon by Apollo 12. The programme’s balanced investigation considered NASA’s explanation that it was contaminated before leaving or after returning to the Earth’s ocean.

I also recently caught up on the Conspiracy Theory programme Area 51 investigation from 2009-2012 on TruTV. You may find it online, but I don’t know about the legality. Corroborating the ‘Ata’ is human findings, it found that the weird sightings in the south-west of the USA were human military and space aircraft or holograms (explanation for Phoenix, Arizona massive craft also featured in my Valentine poem).

I am still open-minded and agnostic about it all, thinking there must be life out there, but not knowing what it is exactly. I had my ant theory about humanity on Earth a long time ago, and concerning space, I think we could be like fish in the ocean to us, seeing other creatures entering our part of the water: a newish little rock pool in a vast expanse of ancient existence.

There’s a lot of people who know a lot more about it than me, including anybody with Discovery Channel and who’s watched all the Ancient Aliens documentaries!

My XaW Files book is a parody comedy, and has nothing much to contribute on the alien space issue, although there is a mysteries theme throughout, mostly focusing on me the writer’s mental process. I became interested in the subject again more from watching new evidence on Quest last year.

Satirical Comedy Mary Anning Google Celebration

While Greenygrey/greenYgrey history is relatively new in the human world, the search for the origin of species is gathering pace. No, I don’t mean the world’s largest known dinosaur discovered in Argentina, after roaming a very different planet Earth about 100 million years ago.

Google Celebrates Mary Anning

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, satirical comedy archaeological correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Tony Robinson in the human world. I was unexpectedly called into the greenYgrey office this morning after our search team made a great discovery on Google:

google fossil greenygrey

The image bears all the hallmarks of an early greenYgrey, with grey growing in the dinosaur fossil, and green above and below it. There is even an early splash of yellow representing the Y.

One branch of greenYgreyologists are even claiming the image shows that boomeranging was popular then, with the human definitely seeming to be enjoying boomeranging, while the dinosaur might be boomeranging with one arm hidden, lost or not drawn yet.

Mary Anning Liked greenYgreying?

Did Mary Anning
enjoy greenYgreying
with her dog Tray
rhyming Greenygrey.

Painting of Mary Anning made after her death, ...

The Google image celebrates paleontologist fossil hunter Mary Anning, who was born on this date in 1799.

Perhaps her most important find, and the greenYgrey’s favourite, was the first ichthyosaur skeleton correctly identified.

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Royal Baby to be Named Prince or Princess Greenygrey?

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid newshound at the Greenygrey, like Wolf Blitzer in the CNN world. With the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate, going into labour a week overdue, speculation has been growing in the Greenygrey world that the baby is going to be named Greenygrey whatever sex it is.

Modern badge of the House of Windsor.
Modern badge of the House of Windsor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greenygrey is of course ideal for naming babies before knowing the baby’s sex, as it is unisex.

Greenygrey’s Pagan Claim to British Throne

As regular readers know by now, the Greenygrey’s origins are shrouded in mystery. One theory in Greenygrey thinking is that the Greenygrey originates from the holy trinity of British Greenygreyism:

  1. Boudicaa: pagan Iceni queen who bravely fought the Romans.
  2. Penda: King of Mercia, and the last Anglo-Saxon pagan king.
  3. Wild Wolf: the last wild wolf in Britain, running free in Scotland.

European Royalty Marrying for Power 

Peoples of Britain circa 600
Peoples of Britain circa 600 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As European royalty buffs know; like our very own Tony Loboinson, whose human parallel Tony Robinson recently received an MBE from British royalty; the royal palaces of Europe have been inter-marrying for power and security throughout history.

Princess Kate is of course not a power broker, and is deserving of William’s hand in marriage and princesshood whatever the circumstances.

But maybe it is now time to reunite the Christian and Pagan crowns in Britain. Prince or Princess Greenygrey will be a good start…

But most of all, we hope that the baby is healthy for Kate and William.

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Scientific Evidence for Greenygrey Creation Myth?

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, history expert at the Greenygrey when I’m not being Baldrick. Reading yesterday’s blog about how greenygrey rainforests are good for life reminded me of the Greenygrey creation myth.

How Green and Grey Help Natural Life

First of all I looked up how the green and grey works together, and found this clear and concise explanation on the Amazon Center website:

‘The movement of minerals in this nutrient recycling from living to non-living, and back to living systems is strongly influenced by temperature and rainfall patterns. Water is essential for the uptake of minerals through the roots of plants, so rainfall is an essential part of the cycle.’

On Green Lake Trail, Mt Rainier.
On Green Lake Trail, Mt Rainier. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a fine balance in nature though, as in the Greenygrey and Folding Mirror poetry; and as we’ve been seeing in the UK this summer, you can have too much of a Greenygrey good thing:

‘However, too much rain can cause leaching of essential minerals from the leaves.’

PARA STATE, BRAZIL - JUNE 11: A lone remaining...
PARA STATE, BRAZIL – JUNE 11: A lone remaining Amazon rainforest tree stands in a deforested section of Amazon rainforest on June 11, 2012 in Para state, Brazil. Although deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is down 80 percent since 2004, environmentalists fear recent changes to the Forest Code will lead to further destruction. Around 20 percent of the rainforest has already been destroyed. The Brazilian Amazon, home to 60 percent of the world’s largest forest and 20 percent of the Earth’s oxygen, remains threatened by the rapid development of the country. The area is currently populated by over 20 million people and is challenged by deforestation, agriculture, mining, a governmental dam building spree, illegal land speculation including the occupation of forest reserves and indigenous land and other issues. Over 100 heads of state and tens of thousands of participants and protesters will descend on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, later this month for the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or ‘Earth Summit’. Host Brazil is caught up in its own dilemma between accelerated growth and environmental preservation. The summit aims to overcome years of deadlock over environmental concerns and marks the 20th anniversary of the landmark Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, which delivered the Climate Convention and a host of other promises. Brazil is now the world’s sixth largest economy and is set to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Greenygrey Creation Myth

And after that explanation about how the Greenygrey creates, here’s a Folding Mirror poem about the Greenygrey creation myth from Greenygrey history now sited on the fmpoetry website:

When Earth and Sky are as One

Father Sky
riding high
except times
when its cirrus
fly amongst
mountain forests
and pea soup
joins it to Earth

Tis the time of Greenygrey

Sky is within reach
touch the void
swirling seraphim
seaside fog
rolling in estuary
islands bliss
giving birth
Mother Earth

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Ancient Britain Stone Circle Culture: More Greenygrey Evidence

Map of Stenness, Orkney : Sigurd Towrie

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, history expert at the Greenygrey.  I watched a great documentary on the Orkney stone circle culture last night: Neil Oliver‘s History of Ancient Britain.  It reported that new evidence from the Ness of Brodgar suggested the site was a connecting temple between the two nearby stone circles of The Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness.


Orkney Theory Mirrors Stonehenge

It is thought that the Stones of Stenness was a temple for the living, and The Ring of Brodgar was a temple for the dead, with the Ness of Brodgar providing a spiritual cleansing portal on the pathway between the two stone circles.  The connecting strip of land is shown in the above map copied from the Orkney Jar website.

Oliver reported that It is thought that there was a similar relationship between sites at Stonehenge and nearby Durrington Walls, with a procession route between the two along the River Avon.


The Greenygrey Evidence

Now, the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: the Greenygrey evidence.  When they made a graphic out of the evidence unearthed so far it made the area look even more greenygrey, with the temple complex made up of more stone than there was at Stonehenge sitting majestically on a green field promontory dividing the sea; the water probably divides its time between being grey and blue.

Our ol’ pal Marc Latham was inspired to write a poem about it for the fm poetry website, as well as one inspired by a Jim Morrison documentary; and the site’s 2011 statistics are also on view there.
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