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Romantic Nature BBC Documentary in Green and Grey

" A Poet is born not made"
Image by meg_williams via Flickr

Hi, it’s Green.

Big news for the increasingly popular field (and stone) of greenygreyology.

Our ol’ acquaintance, Marc Latham, a doctor of philosophy specialising in the arts of greenygrey, has written an article highlighting the greenygreyness of the Romantics: Nature documentary, which you have a day left to watch if you have access to the BBC iplayer.

He also captured lots of greenygrey
stills from the documentary
which were just wonderful to see
especially if you’re Green like me
and have a spare pot of organic set honey.

He wrote it after first writing a summary of the documentary.

They are both available on Marc Latham’s Suite 101 page.


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Vegetarianism will Save the Planet…Greenygrey World?

Shaolin Monastery entrance statue Any use shou...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Lobo the Librarian, the best balanced bookworm in the Greenygrey world.  I was just looking at the BNT website and saw an interesting article about a book called The Vegetarian Myth.  The article was titled: Why Vegetarianism Will Not Save the World.  And then, lo and behold, to my severe shock and slight surprise, there was a nice comment under the greenygrey name.  Some of the highlights of the Greenygrey comment were:

There are loads of top sportspeople and intellectuals that are vegetarians, including legendary bodybuilder, Al Beckles; international marathon runner, Sally Eastall; and  three time World Memory Champion, Andi Bell.

The Shaolin monks don’t seem to do too badly on it either!

I think it’s about getting the nutrition right, and not about meat v vegetarian, although I’m no expert, and different bodies have different requirements; some might need some fish or meat?

I don’t know if I’m helping the world, but think it probably is better overall from what I know, and especially with the rise of the ‘dairy super-farms’ etc.


Hi, it’s Lobo, I’m back.  And the above is not even the weirdist thing about it all.

The Weirdist Thing is the Greenygreyness of it All

Because I followed the article’s link to the website of the author, Lierre Keith, and it was all done out in greenygrey, and she has a classic greenygrey look herself.

Moreover, I then looked up famous vegetarians, and it led me to a vegan wolf website that was all done out in…you guessed it…greenygrey.

I thought the Greenygrey was quite groundbreaking being a veggie werewolf, but a vegan wolf I did never imagine…but seeing is believing…

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It’s not Easy Being Greeny watching Orlovs get your Loves

2009 Renault Clio 1.0 Hi-Flex
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Green.  I was watching the World Athletics Championships last week and they kept playing the Renault Clio advert in the commercial breaks.

It features Marlon Brando‘s ‘I could have been a contender’ quote from On the Waterfront, and it got me thinking that Grey and I could have been contenders if it hadn’t been for the Grand Council splitting us up.

You know, I still love the Orlovs, and I don’t want to appear green with envy, because that’s just a stereotype, but it’s quite hard to watch them with their new cuddly toys, when I think it could have been greenygrey ones; and maybe even ones for Wolfgang and Ethelwulf too.

Yeh, could’ve been contenders…

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Celebrity Greenygreying Takes Over from Planking

Map of the Top Gear test track. Created with A...
Image via Wikipedia

Tis the season to be greenygreying.  As the planking craze grew this year, many plankers planked in exotic locations over the summer, but now that autumn is here, with its tradition of grey skies and auburn tinged green landscapes, it seems that celebrities are choosing to greenygrey.

Celebrities Hanging Out in Greenygrey

In the 1970s celebrities saw an appearance on the Morecambe and Wise Christmas show as a sign that they’d made it, and it was similar for being featured in the Simpsons afterwards.

Now, it seems that celebrities are eager to be seen with and on the Greenygrey.  Just a little sojourn through the BBC website yesterday, in search of Ocean Giants, drew attention to several celebrities greenygreying.

Top Gear, Flog It, Village SOS Join the Craze

For example, Top Gear chose a nice grey landing strip and sky, flanked by green grass location for their latest episode’s iplayer cover (as well as basing their test track on greenygrey, as seen in the above image).  It does just invite you to jump into the episode doesn’t it, with the promise of lots more greenygrey.

Flog It put a grey sofa in a green field to create a greenygrey effect.  It’s very innovative, but they could have waited for grey skies in the background to make it perfick!

Meanwhile, in Village SOS, Sarah Beeny held a potplant to add green to her grey jacket.  Ingenious.

Great stuff, and enjoy your greenygreying over the weekend.

Are Grey Whales Greenygrey?

Gray whale - Eschrichtius robustus - at Scammo...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Wolfgang.  I was watching the first episode of Ocean Giants on the BBC today, and enjoying learning about all the different kinds of whales, and their amazing baleen behaviour and larger than life lives, when it came to be the Grey Whale‘s turn.

Is there Green on the Grey Whale?

I took notice because I thought I might see one of our long-lost relatives, and was glad I did.

Because not only did the Grey Whale look grey, but underwater it also looked to have green patches, which was probably caused by the barnacle jewellery it wears, although the sea around it also looked greenygrey.

I think you can see clues to it’s colourfulness in the image above.

I hope you can watch the documentary on the BBC in the three days it is left available; unfortunately, it is not viewable everywhere.

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Paul Theroux Spots the Greenygrey in Africa

Fynbos, a floral kingdom unique to South Afric...
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Hi, it’s Green.

Paul Theroux (Louis’s father for those who prefer investigative documentaries) wrote consistently nice phrases in his Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town (2002) book, but my favourite is on page 390, while travelling in Zimbabwe:

‘The land was dry, the grass a dusty green that made it silver in the sun.’

Reminds me of the good old days with Grey that does.

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Car Adverts Love Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Wolfswagon Otto-Bonnet, the car expert at the Greenygrey. Skoda initiated the car industry‘s love of greenygrey with their Fabia vRS ‘Mean Green’ advert:

That advert had very masculine connotations, but now Kia has balanced the greenygrey car advert gender count with the sleekly feminine Picanta advert, which seems to be aimed at the roaring girls market.  It brings a new angle to the evolving use of greenygrey in British culture by using a green coloured car and mostly grey cat (with green eyes):

Whatever next for the greenygrey!?

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