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Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps Free Ebook

I’ve made my old book (2012) that light-heartedly twists the Wizard of Oz theme into one of good pagans and bad monotheists; inspired by the Homes Children historic child abuse being uncovered by Margaret Humphreys (told in the Oranges and Sunshine book and film, starring Emily Watson; as well as ‘nice’ movies like Crocodile Dundee and Australia) and the industrial scale street grooming (much of it targeting Homes Children) largely uncovered at the time. It has a veggie werewolf hero and lots of anthropomorphic characters travelling Australia; and a body, mind and spirit theme replacing heart, brain and courage; free on Smashwords (need a free account) as part of their coronavirus Authors Give Back promotion. You can use the code on the site or CR86V.

Welcome to the New Greenygrey World

Lord lovelace bridge
Image by wimbledonian via Flickr

Hi, it’s Green. ¬†Sorry I haven’t been able to get any messages out, but we have had a spot of trouble here, and there’s been no time for literary nonsense.

Dodo Promise Turns Howlfowl into a Turkey

Remember Wolfeather Howlfowl, our resident bird expert?

Well, unfortunately, his love for birds made him vulnerable to Grand Council bribery, and when they offered it everlasting life as a dodo, with his own island and menagerie, it was too much for him to resist.

Grand Council Surprise Us From Uranus

So, I’m afraid he sold us out and told the GC of a secret porthole into the Greenygrey world, and the GC were able to launch a surprise counter-attack from their base in Uranus.

A terrible and costly battle ensued, and our old world crumbled around us as we resisted.

Ethelwulf and Wolfgang showed particular bravery, while Nurse Wolfert acted heroically in tending the injured.

The Greenygrey World was Saved

In the end, our defences proved sufficient, and the GC were repelled.

All your support was also greatly appreciated and helped us through the epic battle.

We are now rebuilding our world, and hope you will like the new home.

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