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Why I’m a Creative Writer Poet: Stream of Consciousness Poem

I removed some mental clutter on the site yesterday, my mind’s been enthused by reading about UFOs recently, including photosynthesis on Earth in a scientific one, and the latest NASA’s Unexplained Files (series 2, episode 2) last night (which featured orbs amongst other things, saying they often happen above geological fault lines before earthquakes, so they think they could be created by the same tectonic friction that causes earthquakes. My ‘experience’ was of course in Iceland, famously home to one part of a fault line, where you can swim between the North American and Eurasian plates. Thankfully, an earthquake or volcanic eruption hasn’t followed, and it’s now over a year later.) If any photography experts think it is a camera light trick please let me know; it certainly wasn’t mine!

Poetic Inspiration

I think I’ve just about recovered from a cold I’ve had all week, and I think recovering from illness can provide a little ‘high’. I’ve done the ‘right thing’ and tried to avoid other people as much as possible; but tend to do that now anyway!

Moreover, the sun is shining on snow-covered roofs, providing more mental stimulation, as it differs from the norm. I was also looking back with nostalgia at the Y-day week of celebrations, and especially how T had unconsciously found a place in Oates’s final quote: ‘I may be some Time.’

While you may look on me negatively, celebrating my own work, to me, my conscious as I write this, it doesn’t even seem my work; rather it’s my hidden unconscious, which is like my ‘twin’, or the muse. We are of course now in the muse half of the mistYmuse new-age winter festival!

While there are lots of new-age pagan bands, titles and themes I like in rock now, I was particularly poetically impressed by Earth’s album title: ‘The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull’!

I could make my new poem below into a Folding Mirror poem, but for now, here it is stream of consciousness style. While it’s probably covered old themes of mine; something I’ve criticised rock bands for doing before!; it does have some new and updated material, and the biggest new innovation of having the title at the start and finish; kind of Folding Mirror style…

When Time Stopped, Trees Breathed Photosynthesis, Aliens Returned Requesting…

that moment you don’t remember happening
when you’ve worked up enough steam
and you can freewheel
as if you’ve climbed the steep hill
and now you’re racing down the other side
or struggled upriver against the tide
and now you’re rushing downriver
with the tide washing over you
driving and covering you
so you just have to breathe and steer
but while in physical activities
you just have experience and memories
here you also have
‘genius’ word connections
popping out of
synchronicity in motion
like atoms reacting
creating electrical charges
brain freeflowing
open to cosmos
like puddle to cloud
ocean and rain
no need for devotion
pure pleasure
zonal leisure
this is the moment you write
like the times you feel like flying
when running or cycling
having warmed up on the day
after years of training
the sun is shining
words are flowing
and when you review
they sparkle more than you
remember writing
or even think
you’re capable of
producing, creating, painting
while the conscious has the here and now
the unconscious has past and present… future?..

Humanity, put a stop to this.

P.S. Notice that last line fitting finale little bit of self-proclaimed genius wordplay – which was the unconscious in control as I wrote about times when the unconscious is in control – ‘put a stop to this’ before the full stop!?

When Scottish Skies are Smiling

I saw on the news this morning; reminding me of the Beatles song, oh boy (posted below from YouTube); there’d been a sighting of the greenYgrey in Shetland (in the form of the aurora borealis); the only place in the UK it visited of course on its epic Euro trek: XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. It might have inspired this little poem, although I’ve always liked those place names, which is one reason why I fantasy travelled with the greenYgrey…

  • While Manchester seems like
    the place to be on Wednesday
    I’d rather be in Fort William
    for the visit of Clachnacuddin
    or nestled in Nairn County
    for their battle with Brora
    on paper by names at least
    for the weather can be a beast
    although the aurora borealis
    is brightening the sky at least.

Highland League

  • Fort William19:45Clachnacuddin
  • Nairn County19:45Brora Rangers

News, weather and sport were all on the BBC.
I also remembered Finland and Scandinavia yesterday on this website’s sister site, travel25years.

‘Ata Alien’ Mystery Solved? Four New Genetic Mutations Found

The Independent via MSN  reports today that the Atacama body mystery featured in my Valentine’s Day poetry has been solved after research, and it has been proved human.

However, they report ‘The investigation also revealed four genetic mutations presumed to be involved with bone diseases, all of which were previously unknown to science.’

I don’t know that much about it, but could that leave the door open to it being a hybrid? Especially as I read in another article on MSN, about humans, that:

‘Humans are among the least genetically diverse species, mostly because we probably descended from a small group of early humans who lived in East Africa. Population geneticists describe genetic diversity with a measure called “effective population size.” Basically, effective population size is how many people you would need to reproduce the genetic diversity of our full population. For humans, this number is really low and hovers around 15,000 individuals. It is kind of crazy when you consider that actual population size is 7 billion. If compared to mice, some species of them have an effective population size of 733,000.’

So, putting the two articles together with a quick wrIus (writer-genius, wri-ius blending) connection it seems amazing that four new mutations were found in one ‘human’ if we are ‘among the least genetically diverse species.’

Talking of amazing I noticed a new wrIus blending in the fourth paragraph of the ‘Ata’ article: ‘has been the subject of intense speculation among online alien enthusiasts ever since it was revealed to the world.

‘alien enthusiasts’ just leapt out as the blended alienthusiasts!

Space Alien Documentaries

I’m continuing to keep up with space watching Quest at 9pm on a Saturday night. Now they’ve got repeats of NASA’s Unexplained Files on, which isn’t as up-to-date or sensational-as-in-amazing as the UFOs Lost Evidence that premiered last year. I’d now seen most of the cases on YouTube, although they provided more explanation, and sometimes seemed to provide adequate proof, such as space junk.

Highlights from a couple of episodes ago were:

1. three objects seeming to be leaving the Earth, flapping wings; the team reported that corroborated sightings outside their craft by two different teams of Russian cosmonauts in 1984, who were reported as saying they’d seen winged golden angels glowing outside their craft. It reminded me of the Watchers from the Noah movie; I watched it for the first time last Christmas; which are angelic beings in the first testament (but can also be traced to other Middle-East religions/myths, such as the Mesopotamian Apkallu, which had the same ‘handbag’ as Mayans across the Atlantic Ocean, as previously mentioned on my travel25years sister site):

The Creation depiction also had a lot of gYgPOP (greenYgreyPinkyOrangePurple) relevance:

Conducting further research this morning I found this Ancient Aliens documentary series clip, and thought the ‘angels’ depiction was reminiscent of yellow Ys, as in greenYgrey!:

2. ‘noise/music’ heard for nearly an hour on the ‘dark side of the moon’, where/when communication with Earth is lost, by an American Apollo mission. I wondered if Pink Floyd knew before writing Dark Side of the Moon?

The last episode’s highlight was ‘alien life’ bugs brought back from the moon by Apollo 12. The programme’s balanced investigation considered NASA’s explanation that it was contaminated before leaving or after returning to the Earth’s ocean.

I also recently caught up on the Conspiracy Theory programme Area 51 investigation from 2009-2012 on TruTV. You may find it online, but I don’t know about the legality. Corroborating the ‘Ata’ is human findings, it found that the weird sightings in the south-west of the USA were human military and space aircraft or holograms (explanation for Phoenix, Arizona massive craft also featured in my Valentine poem).

I am still open-minded and agnostic about it all, thinking there must be life out there, but not knowing what it is exactly. I had my ant theory about humanity on Earth a long time ago, and concerning space, I think we could be like fish in the ocean to us, seeing other creatures entering our part of the water: a newish little rock pool in a vast expanse of ancient existence.

There’s a lot of people who know a lot more about it than me, including anybody with Discovery Channel and who’s watched all the Ancient Aliens documentaries!

My XaW Files book is a parody comedy, and has nothing much to contribute on the alien space issue, although there is a mysteries theme throughout, mostly focusing on me the writer’s mental process. I became interested in the subject again more from watching new evidence on Quest last year.

Eidfjord Forest and Waterfall Natural Escape Photo Article

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, poetic travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. With the WWW three-week spectacular having taken precedence here, we’ve fallen behind with Marc Latham’s website, which ended its Scandinavian journey on the same day as the WWW-3-week; by the way, we’d like a three-week working month at the Greenygrey; including a great greenygrey Stockholm fountain. My human parallel, Jack Kerouac, got a mention as well as Abba‘s Agnetha.

Eidfjord Greenygrey Journey

With a few hours to spare in the small town of Eidfjord, whose spectacular mountains were under thick cloud at the time, Marc walked a little up the mountain on a forest path.

Agnetha Fältskog, ABBA, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, N...
Agnetha Fältskog, ABBA, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leaving humanity behind, and unable to see the spectacular, Marc had time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world that is often overlooked; a natural world that is often greenygrey.

Marc said that in a land dominated by awesome natural beauty, it was a time of quiet contemplation and reflection amongst nature that is often passed without being noticed.

However, once the outside world was forgotten, and the mind absorbed into the quiet surroundings; hearing only rushing water, and seeing only nature, time passed quickly, and there was not time to see it all, or to go farther into the greenygrey void.

Here’s some photos; you can enlarge them by clicking on them. There’ll be a more human discussion deriving from Eidfjord tomorrow:

Scandinavia 337Scandinavia 338
Scandinavia 340Scandinavia 346Scandinavia 344Scandinavia 345Scandinavia 349Scandinavia 351

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Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway Photos and Poem

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary independent travel correspondent at the Greenygrey, and poet. Marc Latham this morning posted a blog and poem about returning to civilisation from the wilderness so it was right up my street… or mountain path.

Returning to Bergen from Mount Ulriken 

Greenygrey provides first aid kit on Mount Ulriken.
Greenygrey provides first aid kit on Mount Ulriken.

Marc posted a blog with several snowy mountains and waterfalls photos about returning from Mount Ulriken to Bergen on

Marc unexpectedly returned not to the path he’d ascended the mountain on, but to one he’d nearly visited a few days previously, when a tunnel ended his random ramble.

Poem about Returning to Humanity from Wilderness

Greenygrey for the future.
Greenygrey for the future.

Writing up that blog reminded Marc of a poem he’d recently written about the joys of returning to human civilisation from the wilderness, so he published it on

The poem contrasts with the previous poem published on the website, which had a theme of the joys of isolation within wilderness. There’s lots more explanation over on fmpoetry, but here’s the poem:

Lights of Life, Homes to Humanity

waterfalls, willows, wheels
fireworks outshine city neon
enlightened valley
signs of humanity
on New Year’s Eve
through canyons weave
weary travellers emerge tunnel
poured from natural funnel

enjoyed time’s contemplation, downhill to destination

memories of my species
hive aura buzz oozes
entering concrete civilisation
time of peak imagination
dogs of wolves
wildcat shadows
skyscrapers mirror mountain memories
avenues, alleys, abodes

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Bergen’s Bryggen Old Docks Unesco Site Photos

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, back with the second part of yesterday and today’s double-day simultaneous Bergen city blogcast with the travel25years blog. Today, that blog has (link to site) colourful photos of some sparkling buildings in Bergen’s UNESCO site old docks of Bryggen, while this blog focuses on the greenygrey ones in and around Bryggen.

Bergen’s Bryggen and Neighbouring Areas Photos 

The second and third photos are from the Old Town a little behind Bryggen, and fourth and fifth towards the pedestrian area from Bryggen, but all are either in Bryggen or within easy walking distance.

After my camera ran out of batteries on Day 3 I returned on Day 4 to get the other side of the people’s monument, which is photo 4.

Greenygrey Interesting Background Features

Eagle-eyed greenygreyliens might spot a double greenygrey in this double-day blogcast in photo 5, with the statue in the foreground and roof in the background.

In photo 6 you can see the Floibanen funicular in the background. This is a popular tourist attraction providing transport up to Mount Floyen (320 metres) for a good view over Bergen.

You can see larger images by clicking on them.

Scandinavia 078 Scandinavia 087 Scandinavia 083 Scandinavia 089 Scandinavia 147 Scandinavia 144 Scandinavia 145

travel25years Bryggen photos

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Bergen is Burgundy and Greenygrey in Norway

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. When I travelled to Bergen recently I expected it to be all burgundy coloured. So I was delighted to see there was a fine selection of greenygrey. Maybe it’s Burgundy in France that is burgundy?

Bergen Greenygrey Photos

In a double-day simultaneous blogcast with Marc Latham’s travel25years blog we’ve divided the photos into pre-Bryggen (the UNESCO site old docks) today, and Bryggen tomorrow; and greenygrey photos here and non-greenygrey ones over at the travel25years blog; although there is some greenygrey in those too!

So hopefully you’ll visit both sites on both days… there’s also a Bergen south blog preceding today’s blog over on travel25years that I haven’t had time to report here; and it includes a sunbeam through storm photo I like.

But don’t rush over yet, because here’s our pre-Bryggen greenygrey Bergen photos (you can see larger images by clicking on the photos):

Edvard Greig statue under greenygrey roof.
Edvard Greig statue under greenygrey roof.
Ole Bull statue.
Ole Bull statue.
Scandinavia 066
Logen theatre statue.
Totem pole in Nordnesparken, Bergen's western promontory.
Totem pole in greenygrey setting in Nordnesparken, Bergen’s western promontory.
Haakon's Hall, inside Bergenhus Fortress; greenygrey dating from the 13th century.
Haakon’s Hall, inside Bergenhus Fortress; greenygrey dating from the 13th century.

Link to: travel25years pre-Bryggen

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Arriving in Bergen, Finding Hostel, Climbing Mount Ulriken

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary independent travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. Marc Latham has posted a couple of blogs about climbing Mount Ulriken over two days over on his new blog

The first day he was just hiking up to his hostel; then, after a great sunset viewed from the hostel, half way up the mountain, he completed the walk to the peak the next morning.

Here’s a treble taster of the two blogs:

Bergen mountain houses.

Bergen sunset from the Hostel Montana.

Scandinavia 047

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Travel 25 Years Starts with Haugesund, Norway Flight

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. I’m delighted to see that my human parallel Jack Kerouac was mentioned in Marc Latham’s new WordPress blog website Travel 25 Years‘s About page.

Flying into Haugesund, Western Norway

Marc is blogging photos and some background information and description from his twenty-five years of travelling, after just completing his anniversary tour.

He is blogging it back from his most recent journey, so started with his flight into Haugesund, western Norway, homeland of the Vikings. The city is about three or four hours south of Bergen by ferry, or a bus journey that includes a ferry trip.

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