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Eco-Tuesday Interview

Thanks to Willow Croft for arranging and conducting an eco interview with me. Great to reminisce about environment, travelling and writing with someone I feel is on the same wavelength on those topics; and dredge up some memories of writers and creations that influenced me, from somewhere in my memory!

GG in New York, New York (So Good they Named it Twice)

Hi, its Greenygrey. Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s epic comedy – fantasy classic episode. Today, we’re back down to earth with something very real. Well, in fact we’re going even lower than that, to under the earth…

One of the problems with travelling rapido like we did across North America (Grey took its time a bit more across Oz) is that you miss some of the hidden away local delights, as I/we did in our ground-breaking and acronym-creating ramble across North America. Both books are of course now available on Amazon.

GG in New York, New York History

From what we remember, by the time we reached New York we were plum-knackered, having crossed the continent three times. That’s the only excuse we’ve got for missing out New York’s G subway line, which was originally called the GG line.

G map
G map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We don’t like to speculate about which half of us might have been kept or discontinued, but the line is now coloured lime green on the official subway map (see below).

Closer Study Brings New Discovery

We were hoping to leave it at that, thinking we had enough for one blog, but then a closer look at the New York subway map showed not only another green line running parallelish to the G line, but also a grey one; and unbelievably, they cross each other.

What a joy it must be to travel on the ex-GG G line and other greenygrey lines in New York, New York, and especially at the meeting points between green and grey.

All they need now is greenygrey trains!

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American Nomads on the BBC, Reminder of Rambles for Me

Cover of "American Nomads: Travels with L...
Cover via Amazon

Hi, it’s Green.  I watched a cool documentary about American Nomads recently by Richard Grant (cover of a book he wrote on the subject featured here).

It reminded me of my North American rambles with Grey, so I thought I’d share it with you here today.  We have requested our North American rambles be made into a free ebook, so hopefully that’ll happen soon.

The American Nomads documentary is available in the UK until December 8th from the link below, or via the BBC iplayer if you prefer to go directly there.  I don’t know about other possibilities.

American Nomads on the BBC.

Programme Information on the BBC:

Beneath the America we think we know lies a nation hidden from view – a nomadic nation, living on the roads, the rails and in the wild open spaces. In its deserts, forests, mountain ranges and on the plains, a huge population of modern nomads pursues its version of the American dream – to live free from the world of careers, mortgages and the white picket fence.

When British writer Richard Grant moved to the USA more than 20 years ago it wasn’t just a change of country. He soon found himself in a world of travellers and the culture of roadside America – existing alongside, but separate from, conventional society. In this film he takes to the road again, on a journey without destination.

In a series of encounters and unplanned meetings, Richard is guided by his own instincts and experiences – and the serendipity of the road. Travelling with loners and groups, he encounters the different ‘tribes’ of nomads as he journeys across the deserts of America’s south west.

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