Welcome to the greenYgrey Writing and Poetry Blog

Hi, this is the blog of Marc Latham’s greenygrey website, where wildlife conservation has been inspiring poetic deliberation for over seven years.

The blog features new writing and poetry work by Marc, along with exclusive satirical comedy posts revolving around a green, yellow and grey theme in line with the name of the website… a form of self-parody.

The blog news is ‘administered’ by satirical representations of various celebrities with names that have a wolf link or look.

The above creations seem to be leaving the greenYgrey world one by one, and joining the greenYgrey on its journey around all regions of Eurasia in the XaW Files: an X Files parody fantasy ramble using Google Maps mixing poetry and prose to complete a trilogy that started in North America and continued in Australia.

Previous books are available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Regular blog posts are available from the Recent Posts section in the sidebar.

I hope you enjoy the website and blog, and keep returning.


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A Site for Reading and Publishing Folding Mirror and Related Poetry

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