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English Football League takes over from Olympics 2012

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. There’s a sporting transition going on this week that we find quite greenygreyesque, with the Y of course linking us.

Jessica Ennis Olympics Homecoming 

Olympics 2012 athletes have been enjoying homecomings this week, and we think this culminates today with heptathlete Jessica Ennis’s celebration in Sheffield. So we thought we’d ask Andy Wolfhol to commemorate the day with a little poem, what with him being a creator extraordinaire. And we’re glad we did, as he produced this masterpiece:

If Jessica Ennis
played tennis
she’d probably win
playing with a rolling pin.

English Football Leagues Kick-Off

This is quickly followed by the beginning of the four major English football leagues this weekend. The big weekend is not as welcome as it is in a summer when there’s been no European Championships football and an Olympics, but we’re sure it’ll become enthralling again once underway.

Good luck for the season, and especially to Leeds United.

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Olympics 2012 Green(ygrey) Verdict

Hi, it’s Greenygrey, thanks a lot to ‘Werewolfie’ for his greenygrey sports coverage of Olympics 2012. Of course, there are a lot of other issues to consider with such a big event, and the environment is one that is very close to our hearts here at the Greenygrey.

Green Heart (And the Green Grass Grows All Aro...
Green Heart (And the Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around) (Photo credit: CarbonNYC)

Olympics 2012 the Green(ygrey)est Ever

While it would of course be greenest not to have an event such as the Olympics, at the Greenygrey we think that balance is best, so we think it’s okay to have a little grey when the positives outweigh the negatives, as stated on the services page of our website since the beginning of time (of the Greenygrey website):

‘The green and grey are also symbolic of the divide between nature and human construction, one of the burning issues in the twenty-first century world.
Although the Greenygrey recognises the need for buildings and transport links, it hopes the impact on the environment can be kept to a minimum, and that the remaining green spaces can be preserved and protected.
It thinks this is not only important for the wildlife living in such areas but also for human welfare, as most people need to see more than just endless grey.’

BBC Verdict on Green(ygrey) Games

Richard Black, environment correspondent at the BBC, seems to think that Olympics 2012 has been quite good for the environment in London, and helped green some previously grey areas.

Of course, such a big event is bound to leave a big carbon footprint, but this is inevitable, and the positives of the Olympics seem to outweigh the negatives, so eking out some environmental pluses, and promoting the greenest games possible, is welcomed by the Greenygrey. Here’s Richard Black’s verdict from the BBC website:

Forecast: Most “green” issues were clear ahead of time, although there was talk that air quality might suffer owing to extra Olympics-related traffic.

Verdict: A number of reports concluded that the London Olympics lived up to their pre-race billing as the “greenest ever games”. Novel building materials and techniques were deployed to minimise use of natural resources, everything from steel to water was recycled, and the use of temporary arenas reduced the carbon footprint of heavy construction.

The greenest part of the legacy is local. The area where the Olympic Park now stands used to be a wasteland of fetid drains, derelict factories and polluted ground. As well as cleaning it all up, the authorities have re-tooled the waterways into wildlife habitat, running between the upper Lee valley and the Thames. Birds and small mammals should enjoy the new green spaces as much as people.

Amid all the low-carbon hype surrounding London, however, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the biggest climate impact of any Olympics comes through the necessity of flying thousands of competitors and officials half way round the world to take part – not to mention the thousands more who come to support them.

Olympic Park
Olympic Park (Photo credit: smokeghost)
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Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony and Legacy

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, with the last report from Olympics 2012. We’ve got the fantastic closing ceremony of what might be remembered as the Greenygrey Games, and the Greenygrey legacy in this spectacular closing blog.

Olympics 2012 Closing Day and Ceremony

Fittingly, there were gold medals for Teams GB and GG on the last day of the Olympics, with Anthony Joshua winning boxing gold for Team GB in the super-heavyweight division, and Lithuania’s Laura Asadauskaite winning Modern Pentathlon gold for Team GG.

The closing ceremony was another great spectacular, although not as greenygrey as the opening ceremony. But it didn’t really matter by then, as everybody was in the mood to party, and the greenygrey was in there amongst a multitude of colours, as shown on the BBC sport site:

An octopus containing legendary DJ Fatboy Slim seemed to represent animals, and looked greenygrey at times, as shown on the BBC sport site:

Greenygrey Legacy

John Lennon’s Imagine song starred in the closing ceremony, and after women had starred in all the Olympics 2012 sporting events, models from the tough world of fashion led by Kate Moss were represented amongst some great British comedy and music moments; together symbolising Cool Britannia; as shown by this photo from Zimbio:

Thanks to the athletes of Team GB for doing so well, and Teams Lithuania, Jamaica and Ireland for wearing the greenygrey with pride, and doing Team GG proud. Also to the organisers, workers and participants at Olympics 2012, and the BBC for great coverage. And most of all, thanks to all of you for reading our reports from Olympics 2012.

Hopefully the UK and world will continue with the Olympic 2012 spirit of sport, achievement, equality and fun into the future; and the Greenygrey will be sponsoring our favourite athlete, Marc Latham, to run his fourth marathon in 2013…

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Golden Day for Teams GG and GB in Ungreenygrey Venues

Thursday was a golden day for teams GG and GB, reports Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams. Team GB started the gold flurry when Nicola Adams took the first female boxing gold medal ever; winning the flyweight division title at Olympics 2012. This was quickly followed by Team GG, which got its fourth gold of the games when Katie Taylor won women’s lightweight boxing gold.

Team GB then won its first taekwondo gold when Jade Jones won gold in the women’s 57kg division. Charlotte Dujardin also won dressage gold for Team GB in a more greenygrey location.

Greenygrey 1-2-3 in Men’s 200m Athletics Final

Team GG got a daily double when Usain Bolt did the sprint double by winning the 200 metres final, after winning the 100 metres last Sunday. Bolt was followed by Blake and Weir also representing Team GG.

Team GB has been solidly in third place since last weekend, and if Team GG was a country we would now be in about 14th place, just behind Japan and the Netherlands, who also have five golds.

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How to Win Olympic Gold Medals: the Greenygrey Verdict

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, still enjoying my reporting stint at Olympics 2012. I’ve been so caught up in all the action that I missed another gold for Team GG. Shelley Ann Fraser-Pryce won the women’s 100 metres to give Team GG a third gold medal; well, in fact it was the second one, as it was before Usain Bolt won the men’s 100 metres. Here’s Shelly enjoying the victory in greenygrey:


Golds in Greenygrey Conditions

On August 2nd I wondered if Team GB had won gold in the rowing and not in the swimming because of the greenygrey environment of the former, and a distinct lack of greenygrey in the aquatic centre.

After that, there were further Team GB golds in other greenygrey conditions, such as Baillie and Stott in the canoeing and the athletics team’s treble gold in an hour on Saturday night.

Then Andy Murray embraced the Greenygrey after victory at Wimbledon, and Ben Ainslie won gold in front of the Greenygrey.

And then the Brownlees won gold and bronze in very greenygrey Hyde Park.

So it all looked good for the Greenygrey being the secret ingredient for Team GB’s gold rush.

Golds Won Beyond the Greenygrey

From those examples we could probably exaggerate the Greenygrey’s worth, but we believe in giving you the full story, and cannot hide the fact that Team GB won seven golds in the cycling velodrome without a hint of greenygrey on display, so the theory seems to have been disproved.

Although it seems that the greenygrey can be beneficial for training, providing a nicer environment and thus more motivation to get out there, it doesn’t seem to be essential for gold success in competitions. Therefore, Team GB swimming probably wouldn’t have won any golds even if there had been a greenygrey environment around the pool. They did very well anyway.

Instead, competing well and winning seem to be mostly down to body, mind and spirit, which just happens to be the theme of Grey’s amazing comedy-fantasy epic classic marathon virtual trek around Oz book, Werewolf of Oz: Fantasty Travel by Google Maps.

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Rowing and Sailing, Team GB and the Greenygrey

Howldy do, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, struggling through this marathon bout of sports presenting for the Greenygrey. Wish I had a cub reporter to help out!

Today, we’re focusing on the water and waves, although we will save some water for a watery Wednesday, with swimming and cycling tomorrow; separate of course, although the triathlon is today, so maybe that’ll be included too…

Four Golds for Team GB and Four Layers of Greenygrey

Team GB won four golds in the rowing, and the venue at Eton-Dornay also showed off the four layers of greenygrey (like a double-filling sandwich) available on an average day on the riverbank, as shown in this image from the BBC website.

In the foreground we have grey water, and then green grass, which make up the lower half of the greenygrey sandwich. Then we have trees rising above the grass, below grey skies. A greenygrey double delight.

Ben Ainslie‘s Greenygrey Connection

Ben Ainslie won his fourth sailing gold in the Finn class race, and the Greenygrey was there to cheer him home.

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Jessica Ennis Runs Amazing 100m Hurdles to Open Olympics Athletics

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams. Olympics 2012 is certainly hotting up, with Jessica Ennis setting the athletics alight for the UK crowd under a sunny sky on the first morning, with a 100 metres hurdles time that is a:

  1. British record.
  2. Best heptathlon time ever.
  3. Equals the winning time for the individual 100 metres hurdles in the last Olympics in Beijing.
The skies have been alternating between grey and blue all morning, so we’re not sure just how greenygrey the Olympic stadium was at the time.

Team GB Gold and Silver amongst the Greenygrey

There were cycling and shooting golds for Team GB on Day 6, but it was the canoeing that showed the greenygrey at its best.

Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott took gold in the canoe slalom C2 event, which had a lot of greenygrey interest from the start.

From above, the greenygrey looked as splendid as it does in mountain rapids, as Baillie and Stott prepared for their gold medal performance.

And the greenygrey was also there to guide them through the course to gold:


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