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Artwork of Nagai Hideyuki Inspires Day at Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Greenygrey sure is pleased it hired me, as the emorfes blog is keeping the Greenygrey art world supplied with lots of great material this week. I thought I’d be off helping Andy Wolfhol create something extraordinary this morning, but instead I was called in to the office to present the extraordinary 3-D pencil drawings artwork of Nagai Hideyuki. Photos 1,2 and 4 were on the emorfes blog, while I just found the third on Nagai’s website; so well done to me for some intrepid independent research!

Greenygrey in the Morning

I’m kinda getting used to seeing the Greenygrey reach for the alarm clock on an early morning start, such as today, and this drawing sure does remind me of that sunrise extravaganza (there was a real one of those on Monday too!):


Once the Greenygrey is up and running its next task is to open its curtains to the world, and this next one reminds me of that special occasion:


A working day at the Greenygrey:


And finally, after a busy day in the Greenygrey world, everything returns to hush:

Long time ’til that today, and off to find Andy Wolfhol now for some extraordinary creating of our own…