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Kenco Cofficionado Inspired by Me the Coffilosopher and my Coffilosophy?

I was watching The Lobster (2015) today, having recorded it on television last night. It has lots of offbeat comedy around a central theme of animal transformation, making me think there was a lot of my greenYgrey were concept relevance. However, there has been a lot of such comedy in fiction, and a lot of it inspired me. But then my neurons really sparked when they saw a new Kenco advert for the first time, and that really rang a bell, as its central character was a cofficionado; and is also the star of their website. 

Screenshot (262)

That’s after I sent them an email last September telling them about my coffilosopher/coffilosophy concept, and never heard back:

Marc Latham <greenygrey@gmail.com>


to Kenco
 Dear Kenco,
Last year I took part quite a lot in your campaign to help the people of Central America choose a coffee-growing peaceful path.
I am a real doctor of philosophy, and love writing on coffee. So, during my last book, combining philosophy and fantasy fiction, I declared myself the first self-titled coffilosopher, combining coffee and philosopher.
Although there have been many coffilosophers before me, including my writing hero Jack Kerouac; and since I declared myself a coffilosopher I read Patti Smith’s memoir M Train, where she writes of being a dedicated coffee connoisseur; I am the first doctor of philosopher to declare myself a coffilosopher as far as I know.
I’ve recently reached the end of my decade of writing and am currently thinking about options for the future. I was wondering if you would be interested in my work at all, either sponsoring me as a coffee advocate, or using the coffilosopher term and concept for your advertising.
Thanks for your time, Marc. ☕🍵


Should I take it as a coffilosophy compliment and Valentine’s Day show of love? Or am I being taken for a mug (pun intended!).

Coffilosophy first appeared in my XaW Files book. If you value original ideas maybe you’ll read it to see that and many more such ideas and concepts:

Satirical Comedy Blog: New Television Adverts

Warm weather in Blighty is increasing thirst, so Strongbow’s great greenYgrey advert must be hitting the target now. It includes all the best qualities of the new greenYgrey rebranding, with green and yellow nature in one half, and green and grey in the other.

New Adverts

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, satirical comedy television correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by Harry Hill. Please remember alcohol legal drinking ages, and drink in moderation.

English: Karrimor shoes
English: Karrimor shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new Karrimor advert also has a lot of great greenYgreyness, with street scenes mixing concrete and nature:

Rated People Adverts

Rated People have produced several adverts featuring different tradespeople, but all containing a good slice of old fashioned Greenygrey:




Which is your favourite?

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Marks and Spencer Advert Inspires Feminist Thought

The Marks and Spencer advert featured in Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill’s television review last week featured a Whole Lotta Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a variety of fairytale female roles. While Marks and Spencer and our Harry probably meant well in their advert and feature, I feel that some women would want a more powerful female image.

Marloes Horst DKNY advert

Women in Fiction 

Hi, it’s Mary Werewolfstonecraft, philosophy correspondent in the style of Mary Wollstonecraft; a woman considered by some experts to be the first liberal feminist.

First of all, I would like to say that at the Greenygrey we totally support girly girls who like to look delicious and advertise greenygrey things, like Marloes Horst in the above DKNY advert.

However, while Rosie’s advert female role spends most of her time falling or running, I think many feminists would have wanted to see her stand and fight some of the time; taking control of her own destiny instead of relying on men and chance; showing both sides of the female psyche.

Rosie the Riveter
Rosie the Riveter (Photo credit: sassycrafter)

This is of course how Elle and Cathy react to adversity in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

Women and Wolves

At the Greenygrey, we would especially rather have seen Rosie’s role standing with the wolf, instead of running away from its Big Bad Wolf caricature.

An example of how it could have looked is depicted in this photo posted on Google+ by María González.

Of course sometimes it’s not always possible to find an ally wolf or real fire these days, and sometimes animals and fires can be dangerous, so it is better to keep away from them.

This was of course advised on the front page of the Greenygrey website since early in the site’s history (about dogs and humans).

I hope that I have now balanced the advert coverage on the Greenygrey, in line with Greenygrey philosophy, providing a voice for all the women out there, instead of angering them all, in line with Greenygrey critical thinking.

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New Evidence of Wolfophobia in TV Advert

Hi, it’s Grey. I have been hearing of a growing wolfophobia in 2012, and today I saw it with my own eyes. I heard Celebrity Big Brother had wolfophobic games in the show, and The Grey film showed wolves in a false light. This is disappointing after I caught up with 2011’s Frozen Planet documentary series showing real wolves to be brave, caring and resilient; as they struggle to survive in the planet’s extremities.

Three Little Pigs Theme Used by Go Compare

Go Compare already has a reputation for naff adverts. I read on the Metro website that the company’s adverts were voted the most annoying two years running: in 2009 and 2010 .

The Three Little Pigs theme, which was also used in Celebrity Big Brother, is used by Go Compare to depict a human saving the pigs from a wolf. The wolf seems to represent the greedy people who have threatened the British economy.

Go Compare Advert Peddles a False Reality

While the Go Compare advert seems to be trying to send the message that it can be trusted, it is of course using a false reality.

The truth is that pigs have been manufactured by humanity out of boars, which are strong intelligent creatures, and not just the walking bacon and pork many people now see when they look at a pig. Therefore, it is humanity that has done most harm to pigs and their ancestors.

And rather than the wolf being greedy and destructive, it is humanity that has destroyed large areas of the world, including many homes of the wolf. Here’s the advert, followed by the new one by their Compare the Market rivals. We love the Orlovs!

Nikon Advert Crowns Greenygrey King of Colours

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill, media analyst at the Greenygrey.  I was watching the ads the other day, when I was amazed to see green and grey get starring roles in a Nikon advert.

Nikon Camera Life Photograph Colours Advert 

I was pleased to see that a great Nikon advert for its D5100 calls the Greenygrey the king of colours.  Well, that’s what it looks like to me anyway, as seen in the above image.

While the Greenygrey is very honoured, Green says it and Grey do not want to be considered better than any other colour combinations.  They are of course genderless too.

The whole advert can be seen on Youtube, and it is embedded below:

Car Adverts Love Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Wolfswagon Otto-Bonnet, the car expert at the Greenygrey. Skoda initiated the car industry‘s love of greenygrey with their Fabia vRS ‘Mean Green’ advert:

That advert had very masculine connotations, but now Kia has balanced the greenygrey car advert gender count with the sleekly feminine Picanta advert, which seems to be aimed at the roaring girls market.  It brings a new angle to the evolving use of greenygrey in British culture by using a green coloured car and mostly grey cat (with green eyes):

Whatever next for the greenygrey!?

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Poem Inspired by a Margerine Advert and Environmentalism

This poem was inspired by a few thoughts and the Clover margarine advert.  The advert’s narrative proclaims that it is nice in the centre of society’s extremes, as Clover promotes its product as being in the middle of the butter/marge  health/taste extremes.  The title also plays on the Cloverfield film title, as I recently saw for movie for the first time.

As society becomes a little greener, and I’m not totally green, I guess I’m not far from the centre of the UK environment spectrum now.  So although it’s partly autobiographical, it’s more about those living on the extremes of environmentalism.

There are some environmentalists who live in what seems an extreme way to those in the centre, but they probably believe that they have to live like that just to balance those who don’t do anything to protect the environment, or even disregard it to the point of wilfully damaging it. The latter are not generally considered extremists or out of centre.

Cloverfield Central

I don’t wanna seem an extremist
On the outside of the limit
I’d rather be heading towards centre
On a butter sweet halcyon adventure

What’s stopping me, is what’s not limiting you

It’s easy to appear society’s norm
In a culture based on conform
To waste and want necessarily above
Protecting life’s riches and planetary love

I also wrote an article about hegemony theory that is relevant to this topic, as it discusses how some groups in society are inside or outside society’s acceptability.  It’s on Suite 101