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Wolf of the Year and New Wolves get it Right… Whale

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We’re proud to announce that our Wolf of the Year 2012 is OR7, who at the end of last year became the first wild wolf in California since 1924. Moreover, it also posed for a great greenygrey gif.

Its lean appearance suggests life is hard on the wilderness road for a lone wolf in new territory, but it is probably enjoying its freedom and new experiences.

New Wolf PupsĀ 

Cuter than Alexandr Orlov’s meerkat pups, these new wolf pups on the Defenders of Wildlife facebook page provide hope for the survival of the species, and wolves continuing to provide great greenygrey gifs.

Right Whales get it Right

And while we were wolf-watching on the Defenders of Wildlife facebook site we couldn’t help noticing one of the few remaining Right Whales having a whale of a time getting greenygreying right.

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