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Alien was one of my first shenels (words within words, like nut shell and kernel), with lie within it; but seeing the above poster last week (usually seen in Mulder’s office in X-Files) in a report about UFOs and aliens I suddenly realised lie is right in the middle of believe too. Alien is a perfect five-letter shenel, and believe is a seven letter one!

Someone’s lying about aliens, but I don’t know who to believe! I want to believe though!!

*As I was linking to shenel above two of the three suggested pages were alien and believe! I remembered alien, but didn’t remember believe!! Then over a year on, they were finally linked together by seeing that poster again!!!

Ignorance not proof: HUMBLE HUMAN, ALIEN ALOOF

I am a Humanities/Social-Science PhD Graduate, disillusioned with human society, preferring to escape into the void of space, where I am an amateur astronomer… and agnostic alien accomplice!?

Little example of my thinking/writing being scientific rather than religious (like King Cnut, I don’t claim any power over nature… I am agnostic about it though… maybe it does sometimes… but to its own time rather than any mere human’s; and whether nature has a living mind , as in James Lovelock’s Gaia theory… so it could be reacting to its treatment, as a plant will either thrive or decay depending on its surroundings):

Thursday: Every sky has a sunlight gap. Little horizon gap allowing sunlight this morning inspired above adaptation of: Every cloud has a silver lining.
Friday: As if to prove me wrong, no sky sun gap today; a pea-souper! Then again, every cloud doesn’t have a silver lining either!!

Saturday: Reading this MSN article I thought ‘how can we see exoplanets in other solar systems, and not possible ones on the edge of ours?’ Thanks to the glories of the www it was answered in this IFL Science article, summarised by this: ‘Looking for exoplanets is much easier, as strange as that may seem. It’s like trying to see someone in the silhouette of a window very far away, compared to seeing someone in pitch black much closer to you. As such, we know of thousands of exoplanets, but comparatively little large bodies in the outer Solar System.’

So that made me think again how little we know; not even knowing our own solar system, which is one of millions in our Milky Way galaxy, and the Milky Way is one of millions of galaxies in the universe.
Theoretically, there could be aliens on Planet 9 or 10 in our solar system looking in at us, without us being able to see them. It’s a bit chilly out there, but they could be much more advanced than us, and developed ways to survive there; as we plan to do on Mars etc.
I don’t know if there are, but we don’t know there’s not either.

There was a lot of such thinking, along with a fantastic fantasy fiction story; insight into the writer mind; and epic poetry mixed with zany comedy in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity!