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Elle ‘The Body’ McPherson Aussie Icon Inspires Oz Character

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I/we have decided to call ourselves I from now on, as I  feel at one after the enforced separation that inspired Grey’s classic comedy-fantasy, travel-quest, comedy-travel, fantasy-quest Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps epic. And I don’t want to keep confusing you with double meanings when we could just use one!

And I’m still a non-gender Greenygrey werewolf; the last of our kind as far as we know. I might have given the impression I was male yesterday; I must have been in a male mood. Anyway, enough flannel for today, as we’ve got lots to blog you this week, and this one has Werewolf of Oz written all over it. It’s still free to borrow on Kindle for Amazon Prime members by the way, as well as on sale at the lowest price we could choose.

So without further ado, here it is for you to view:


Cover of "Highway to Hell (Dlx)"
Cover of Highway to Hell (Dlx)


Bonzo didn’t like the sound of that, not fancying hell anymore, and rushed off to buy another two jumpers. Once he was wearing them, he said, ‘They might bring more luck on the Highway to Hell, and anyway, it Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire in a Dog Eat Dog world.’ He pulled his third jumper right up to his jaw, and I heard him whisper to it, ‘I’m Up To My Neck In You.’

We said our Nitmiluk goodbyes, and Bonzo pulled his jumper down far enough to show a big smile. I smiled back, before we headed out into the unknowns of the outback.

Meeting Elle in Outback Hell

Bat out of Hell a well-known album cover by Ri...
Bat out of Hell a well-known album cover by Richard Corben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We left civilisation behind and headed into the outback. There was nothing but big wide open space ahead, and it all looked red; even the dust sandy path had an ochre coating. We travelled as fast as possible; like bats into hell.

I was beginning to question whether this could really be the correct direction for me to meet my destiny. It looked as if we were on the road to nowhere, and there was nothing of interest ahead.

That was until I saw a crouching human shape emerge out of the dust ahead. We stopped when we arrived in its proximity, and asked if we could be of assistance. It replied in a withering female voice that we should leave her, as she wasn’t worth bothering about.

’Ell of a Job Persuading Elle

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 23: Elle McPherson (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Bonzo and I looked at each other, before discussing the matter. We quickly decided that we couldn’t leave her all alone in this harsh environment, and invited her along.

She refused at first, but Bonzo said we weren’t going to leave without her. After a few minutes thinking, she said she would, but only for our sakes; because she couldn’t slow us down any more than not starting.

We laughed, and welcomed her to our Ozyssey.



Bat Out of Hell (Meatloaf song).
Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads song).
Elle McPherson (model).
AC/DC songs: Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire, Dog Eat Dog, Up To My Neck In You.


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Wolves for Women and Social Order

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We’d love the human world to be all safe and peaceful, and to think that a natural order would result from a dissolution of controlling organisations. But as we know from the wolf world, and most other animals, order is needed to benefit the pack or community. While some wolves live alone, and some spend time alone, most live within the order of the pack.

English: The Gibbon wolf pack pauses in the sn...
English: The Gibbon wolf pack pauses in the snowy landscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Counter-culture and Natural Order

While Marc still felt part of the ‘counter-culture’ he saw a David Frost Show from 1970. Marc was initially most interested in it because hippies (of the Yippy youth hippies movement) took over the studio.

But what stuck in Marc’s mind most was the view of Frost’s other interviewee, the anthropologist and behavioural scientist, Robert Ardrey, who said that the hippies’ anarchist views were not in line with humanity’s past or the animal world.

Ardrey’s views seemed to be proven soon after, when the hippy movement collapsed and many of the Yippies soon became Yuppies. Although many of their views still survive, and are relevant for today’s world.

Adam Curtis included the breakdown of the 1960s hippy communes under competing personalities and egos in his All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace documentary; and this is featured by Marc in his 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, which is now available to borrow for Amazon Prime members in the UK, France and Germany; joining the U.S. 

Natural World: She-Wolf Saves Cubs

We were reminded of this while watching the Natural World: A Wolf Called Storm documentary, when Storm led the pack on a two-mile swim through cold water.

His partner noticed their pups were struggling, and turned back to lead them  to safety, while Storm and the older wolves continued their swim. If she hadn’t taken that responsibility, the cubs would probably have drowned.

We think that shows how teamwork and sharing can help benefit a society, whether wolf or human.

P.S. While we mean this blog to be positive for women, we fear we’ll probably be accused of being sexist or something, for making out that women should be the ones taking responsibility for the young.

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Darwin, Kakadu and Humpty Doo Poems and Wordplay

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Thanks to Quentin for his debut blog post. He did of course make one mistake, calling Andy Wolfhol ‘Andy Warhol‘, but not a bad start for our new film correspondent. Great news for Amazon Prime members in the UK, Germany and France, because they can now borrow Kindle books, and that includes Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. So we thought we’d celebrate with another thrilling episode of our fave werewolf travelling Australia to the Wizard of Oz theme book.

This absolutely fabulous hilarious episode continues on from the last one through BOGOL link, but has no relevance to the end of the book. It does perhaps announce the beginning of poetic prevalence, with two poems in one posting for the first time. The book ended up with seventy poems. Here it is:

26.  more adventures for bogol

I enquired if they knew of a nice southerly
journey. Darwin whistled thoroughly
recommending visiting Jabiru
in the centre of Kakadu
so we travelled there
with the pair.
Do try the bread, said Humpty Doo,
so I had a sarnie, and Bonzo had two.

No Handbags Alligator Fight

The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo, NT.
The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo, NT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After eating and saying our goodbyes, Darwin and Humpty left to look for new species, while we continued south.

It didn’t take us long to reach Nitmiluk again. We checked out our favourite boozer, The One More Before I Croak, which had a hop going on. There was a poster above the bar advertising an alligator eliminator fight at the No Handbags bar, so after a drink we checked it out. And water fight it was, with Freshwater Frank beating Saltwater Stan in what could not be described as a toothless tussle.

Kathy and Baloo Wonder if Nitmiluk is too Good to be True

With a little time to spare, we returned to the cheap sheep shop. A koala called Kathy from Katherine and a man called Baloo from Manbulloo were getting BOGOL jumpers knitted.

They thought the deal was too good to be true,
but were reassured after we showed them our two,
and informed them of our luck in meeting Humpty Doo
and whistler duck Darwin in Kakadu.

When we told them we were following the dust sandy path south, Kathy dropped her new jumper. Baloo picked it up for her, before warning us we might need more luck if we were heading that way, as they’d heard it had become quite hellish in the outback.



sarnie – slang for sandwich.


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