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Were O Were is Our Warhol?

Lou Reed passed away last week. He was given one of his first breaks after been discovered while playing in the Velvet Underground band by Andy Warhol in 1960s New York. It made me think Were is our Warhol?

Our Warhol Remains Unfound 

The Velvet Underground
Cover of The Velvet Underground

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, head honcho at Greenygrey creation in the absence of the legendary Andy Wolfhol.

Yes, the Reed-Warhol connection got me thinking about our Warhol, Andy Wolfhol. We still don’t seem to have found our Andy Warhol. Or maybe we have, and we didn’t realise it. Maybe you are all our Warhols.

While Lou Reed was helped by Andy Warhol, he didn’t receive commercial success from the liaison. The Velvet Underground actually left Warhol’s patronage to try and find overground success.

Andy Warhol Quotes 

English: statue of Andy Warhol in Medzialborce...
English: statue of Andy Warhol in Medzialborce, Slovakia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While our Warhol is best known for his quote Wolf not War, Andy Warhol was best known for his statement Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

A lesser known quote of Warhol’s I like, having just read it on Brainyquote; I also like the word brainyquote by the way, as I think it has a certain greenygrey je ne sais quoi; is: I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.

Natural Beauty

I think that’s very true. Lifeless art doesn’t change.

In contrast, if you watch a living nature spot for an hour, you will see multiple beautiful scenes, ever changing, always amazing.

I don’t think the intricacy and detail of evolution can be matched by a work of art, even if created by a team of geniuses over their lifetimes.

Moreover, watching a sunrise or sunset the sky is ever changing, and different every day. Tenerife 266

Talking of sunrises and sunsets, I think this is their time of year in the northern hemisphere: When the warmth of the sun dissipates, but the sun rises and sets at convenient average work-day waking and finishing times.

I always preferred photos to paintings. Representations of the real rather than abstractions of the absolute.

All art is valuable of course, and some is great. I think that’s true of our art here. This was probably more valuable rather than great!


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