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Mirror Poem Reflections 26-30

Thirty-five reflections from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections are on the Writing and Poetry blog now, so following on from reflections 1-5, reflections 6-10, reflections 11-15, reflections 16-20 and reflections 21-25 here’s reflections 26-30.

Reflection 26 mirrored Dying to Live, Living to Die:

Life is Like…

Life is like a journey on a neverending road,
you know you’ll never find out
the destination at the end,
but just try and learn along the way.

Life is like flying over a real rainbow,
you know you’ll never find
golden immortality at the bottom,
but just try and enjoy the journey.

Life is like a big night out,
you know that you’ll peak and tire
and not continue forever
but just try and make the most of it.

Reflection 27 mirrored Life Has More Meaning than Death:

is a state of mind
if you accept its normality
and accurate view
of the negative side
to the world cycle
that enters your life
then it’s not time

Reflection 28 mirrored Y Green and Grey Go Together:

Reflection 28 (part 1)

‘by seeing Venus during the day while trekking in the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks, alerted by the Sky at Night television programme; my first conscious sighting of a middle-of-the-day planet or star at the age of 46. It was on the same March 2012 trip that I took the 242 Mirror Poems cover photo.’

Reflection 28 (part 2)

The second half of the Reflection lightened the mood under a clear day and night sky with a previously unpublished comedy poem:

If the sheepdogs tell great jokes
and livestock like to clown around
under a smiling sun and moon
I want to go to the funny farm.

Reflection 29 mirrored I Can See Through You, Why Don’t People Understand Me:

I Like Your Mask

Why should you believe I like you
when I say I don’t care about myself
perhaps it’s because I can’t read your mind
as clearly as I can mine.

But the more I see of you
the more I think we’re no different
just humans living day to day
some with better masks than others.

Reflection 30 mirrored Space Brain Becoming Plain:

The poem was inspired by images of the universe and a scanned brain that looked similarly oblong.

A clear night sky from a dark viewing point is an incredible sight, but it is only what our eyes and brains can manage to see. Telescopes show the connectivity and immensity beyond our Earth view.

Human brains use complex systems to keep us functioning, but we can’t see how it is done, as our eyes see outwards. Scanning equipment shows the connectivity and immensity on the inside.

Smashwords cover


Poem Inspired by Photos of Dawn on a Snowy Day

Today we have an epic palindromic Folding Mirror poem by regular FM poet, Claire Knight, that was inspired by scenic seasonal photos taken and shared by another poet that has also graced this site with words, Sarah James. 

Thanks to Claire and Sarah for creating and sharing the images and interpretations, and I hope you enjoy viewing and reading them.  

Sarah James Winter Scenery
A Winter’s First Light

first light of day
breathes gently across
the laden skies of winter,
a duvet of swans’ down clouds,
masking a sun-rich blue void beyond.
Poles and pylons rise towards the heavens,
reflected pink hues dance light,
a veil of stillness descends:
as above so below

silent wires cross the expanse of silence

a universe at one:
a veil of stillness lingers,
reflected pink light dances hues,
poles and pylons rise from the earth.
Masking a life-rich black land beneath,
a blanket of pure crystal snow.
The hidden furrows of winter –
breath chilly across
frost glinting by day.

Sarah James Poetic Imagery

New sun theme looks like a dream

It’s been quite a week here at fmpoetry, with the discovery that mirror poetry with a middle line has more of a history than thought.

Just before that, the theme had been changed to the sun above the horizon photo.

This photo captures the essence of the folding mirror brilliantly, with the horizon the biggest physical inspiration for Marc Latham’s poems in the form:

sky sunset

Gainsborough ekphrastic

Turner ekphrastic

Libra Political Scales Shape Poem

Some people think Libra is the best star sign.  Usually it is because they are Librans, and Marc Latham is no different.  We are now in the Libra month (September 23 – October 23), so here’s an FM poem that celebrates the Libran reputation for careful judgement, symbolised by scales. 
It is also an exciting political time in Britain, with Ed Miliband elected as the new Labour leader offering hope of a return to basics for the traditionally socialist party.
David Cameron has also been doing a pretty good job so far as the Conservative Prime Minister, so hopefully Britain can get itself out the current economic melee, and back into credit, without too much pain along the way for the people. 
Libran Political Scales


Buddhist Design New Theme Mystery

I don’t know where the new theme header came from, and it’s not in the WordPress list of themes.

My theme is still supposed to be the one that was there before: twenty ten.

Anyway, I like the buddhist design, and it and the mystery fits in with the FM idea, so I’m keeping it for a while.

Cheers to whoever or whatever brought it into the blog!

Poetically Going the Distance Through Time and Space: Movie to Science Poem

Sorry if this seems a bit pretentious, and getting carried away with it all, but this is what I’m trying to do for a living, and this is where this morning’s thoughts led me, with no plans to post here today at the start of my computer time. You may say get a real job, but I’ve already got one, and it takes up the majority of my time. So if you want more thoughts like this please buy my book if you have some spare cash, and are going to waste it somewhere else, and I may be able to escape into creativity more often. Cheers.

Going the Distance advert

It all started when I recollected seeing the above advert for the new Going the Distance film, which uses a bridge in the advert and has the tagline: a movie about meeting half-way.

Very FMish I thought, and that led to the following thoughts and ended with another FM idea I’ve had and have been thinking how to use: Einstein’s space-time theory, with a model image after the poem.

A Member of the Human Race Between Time and Place

I have physically travelled to the corners of the world
and would have liked to have experienced farther.


some memories retained, some thoughts shared


I have mentally imagined to the edges of the universe
and would have liked to have known further.

Light Cone Model of Time and Space

Pendulum’s Immersion Album Cover Interpretation Poem

This Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham interprets the Pendulum album cover for their new Immersion album.

Pendulum's Immersion Album Cover
Pendulum's Immersion Album Cover

The poem mirrors in words per line:

7-7-6-5 (5) 5-6-7-7

The Poem

Immersion Meeting Mirror

dance, dance, dance to the sweet watercolour
move in rhythm with the ocean dancer
sound of light shining from above
moving emotions of liquid love

central sunbeam illuminates magic moment

man woman meet in synchronicity
nemos watch the truly romantic sea
come alive to welcome this mystery couple
meet, greet, heat and stay immersion supple

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