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Wordplay for New Year’s Day


Leaving just one word each of tea-eat-ate creates a typical capital i shape, as in:

That letter (i) was of course the prime theme in my other letter wordplay (letterology!) post this week.

Even More Wordplay

Another EAT is created going backwards diagonally from square 9 to 1.

All three words can be fitted into five letters from nine in a cascading letters wave, for example, TEATE:
TEA, to start, then adding the other T for T(EAT), and then the other E for TE(ATE).
This works the other ways: EATEA (ATE and TEA added to EAT) and ATEAT (TEA and EAT added to ATE).

Happy Wordplay New Year!!!

Inspiration for Poetry and Writing Poem

Here’s another Marc Latham Folding Mirror poem, inspired by the inspiration writers and poets depend on.

The Poem

Muse Scattered Seeds for Poets to Harvest

the muse must be above
scattering her seeds
for ideas and words
have dropped into consciousness

time to write, writing time

scribbling frantically for posterity
from head to notepad
harvesting the crops
the muse should be thanked

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